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    IT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and now that Call of Cthulhu is recorded, holding a NEW RPG $upport drive where YOU choose the next system we play. Find out how to get involved here:

    At the behest of Chan aka DJ Snorlax of Derpy Show we’re adding Apocalypse World as one of the listed choices for the $upport Drive. In fact, when our Rat Queens episode goes up you’ll hear him pitch it to me for the first time! Well, he’s not written up a set up for this Max Max-esque world of dystopian savagery, but also unveiled Marlon Grand-Cherokee – the character he’ll play if it wins the $upport drive.

    Check out Chan’s Apocalypse World Pitch Here

    For more info on the system, go here:

    Want to discuss the possibilities? Maybe you’ve played this game? Then chat here!



    So is this just like… a “serious” version of Gamma World? I guess more like “Mad Max” and less like “Fallout?”

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    @seven Yes…? Yeah, I think comparing Mad Max and Fallout works, as best I know there aren’t any monsters and mutants in this. Only men who might as well be monsters…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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