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Anyone else catch the new Tick show on Amazon prime?

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    Captain Action

    I liked it. I know that’s a shitty synopsis, but there many reviews of it if your google-fu skills are barely functional.

    Ok, I’ll try writing something more in depth. (Warning! Spoilers ahead!)

    So far, the show seems to revolve around Arthur. Who is suffering from his childhood close encounter with a super villain that ate his ice cream. It is revealed during the show that Arthur has gone off his meds and returned to being a part-time conspiracy-nut job in order to prove that the super-villain is still alive. This behavior causes him to discover some nefarious types at some industrial park like area.

    This is where Arthur meets the Tick for the first time.



    I have as well as boR and Nicky at least. We discuss it in Wednesday’s episode.

    I’m actually kind of weary from talking about it (was a major topic of discussion for the entirety of yesterday) and I have a controversial opinion… I hated it. Maybe if there’d been another 30 minutes of show I’d be changing my tune, but only maybe. In spite of all the talented people associated with it, it didn’t hold my interest, make me laugh, or intrigue (with the exception of Aurthur’s Terror flashback). If I didn’t know anything about The Tick, I’d have seen this pilot and thought, “huh, that was an interesting attempt at something, but not enough for me to vote it get greenlit.” And I LOVE The Tick. LOVE IT. Every itteration from comics, to cartoon, to the prior live action series. But not this.

    I was checking around to see if I was crazy, and Daniel Fienberg from Hollywood Reporter actually captured many of my feelings:

    The Tick – Man oh man. Directing comedy is not easy. That’s what I kept thinking throughout the pilot for The Tick, which Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister helms with a shocking and punchline-muting lack of nimbleness.

    I very clearly understand and acknowledge the desire to foreground drama and real world stakes within a heightened superhero story that’s already going to have a ridiculous guy in a blue suit at its center, but The Tick errs too much toward slow and dark, but not actually dramatic or even vaguely thrilling, and finds none of the nimbleness it needs. Pfister’s direction and the pilot’s editing never accentuate the jokes or humor in Ben Edlund’s script, which is already weighed too heavily toward nervous conspiracy theorist Arthur (Griffin Newman) and not nearly enough toward Peter Serafinowicz’s azure, high-jumping hero. A Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the Fox series’ pilot, or a Dean Parisot might have turned in a take on this script that wasn’t this disinterested in being funny. After Pfister’s direction on Netflix’s dismally murky Flaked, I’m convinced that he’s good at taking comedy scripts and steering them away from comic beats. It didn’t work on Flaked either, but it felt more justifiable there.

    Serafinowicz has the tough task of following Patrick Warburton’s characterization from the short-lived Fox series and while I like the British comic’s casting in theory, there isn’t nearly enough Tick in the pilot for me to point to what he’s doing that’s effective or distinctive. As it stands, it feels like the part was still tailored for what Warburton did well and not the myriad things Serafinowicz does well.

    I liked Jackie Earle Haley’s one scene as The Terror, but really nothing else.

    This was a huge let-down.




    That was the Tick?
    I thought Skeletor was guest starring in Big Bang Theory.

    I haven’t seen it though, but that trailer gives me the creeps. And I hate how the new Tick looks so much, Patrick Warburton was kinda born to play the Tick and I just can’t deal with the appearance and behavior of this new sinewy creep.



    I have zero nostalgia for the Tick, having missed out on it completely in every incarnation to present. So I’m not sure if that makes me the target audience for this new thing, or the opposite of that. I watched it the other night just to see what the deal was, and really didn’t know what to expect. Like I visually recognize the character The Tick, and am aware at a high level that it’s superhero satire, so I was sort of expecting it to be funny. It just super wasn’t, not even a bit.

    The pacing of the show was 100% that of something that was designed to be a 1hr drama, and I’m not at all sure there isn’t another half hour laying on a cutting room floor someplace. Like @cap, I was fairly positive we were intended to believe The Tick was a figment of Arthur’s imagination. Like most others, the flashback sequence to The Terror was absolutely the best part, and if you’d only shown me that sequence as a teaser, I’d vote the hell out of this show to get greenlit-that part was almost like a live action Venture Bros gag. But surrounded by the utterly baffling character of The Tick, who behaves like a Fallout character of Intelligence 1 doing a Batman impression, I am not at all sure it can carry a full season. I actually found Arthur to be the most compelling part.

    I don’t know if I want to actually cast my vote for it, but if it gets greenlit, I’d probably watch a few more to give it a chance. I also really want to see the JCVJ one, but the I Love Dick show was just not at all interesting to me from the trailer.



    Oh man, this totally reminded me of this fan theory that the Tick exists in an imagination of a child stuck in a hospital room playing with his toys.
    This is what google gave me, but I think I’ve heard a more ‘complete’ version somewhere.

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