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An interactive poll for an interactive episode of The Real Congregation?

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    Hiya, everyone!

    Serious question: would you want to take part in an interactive episode of the show? Might be the most important episode of the show ever in some ways. It’d involve you calling a number and leaving a voice message to be played later on an episode that would come out later this year.

    Merely asking right now. If there isn’t enough interest, it won’t happen. Just sort of seeing if people would be interested in using a phone to make some “radio art”. It you aren’t into it and you’re an avid listener? Say so in this thread. If there’s enough interest, I’ll release the details next week.

    Don’t worry. Your voicemail won’t be used for evil. I won’t even let Audrey near it.


    My initial reaction to the idea was worrying about long distance charges, wondering if you had plans for a toll-free number or something, but given that the typical call-in might be less than a minute, I’d guess that most listeners outside of the Orlando area would be willing to shoulder whatever minute charges they incurred by phoning in. As for my own personal interest, I’m intrigued enough by the idea that I might be willing to give it a shot. No promises that I won’t over think what I’d say for so long that I miss the deadline though.


    I am not sure I understand. Are we leaving any type of message, a message on topic, poem, lyric. Or I am just not in the know if what phone art is


    I am interested conceptually, I may or may not have something useful to say practically depending on the topic.

    Ice Abyzz

    Hell yeah! Love the idea of breaking the format up a bit. My favorite

    I definitely won’t have anything smart to say but I’ll still call ๐Ÿ˜›


    @delphi Most cell companies won’t charge long distance nowadays to my knowledge, and if it’s outside of the US, you can always call the number via Skype!

    I’ll explain more next week about what the concept actually is, but trust me when I say even if you’ve only listened to The Real Congregation in passing one time, it’d be easy for anyone to take part!


    I can dig a call in.



    In early November, we’ll be celebrating the FIFTH anniversary of The Real Congregation with a special interactive episode. It’s very likely that it’s the most important episode of the show ever, really. Are you ready to interact? Here’s what we need from you:

    We need you to call a phone number and leave us a voice message to be played on the show. In this message, we ask that you state your name (or handle or whatever you want to be known by), and then tell us about either:

    1. A favorite song or artist you’ve either heard on/or discovered because of The Real Congregation.
    2. A favorite memory that occurred on/or because of the show.

    It’s that simple! Don’t be concerned about feeling awkward, either. We’re part of the Nerdy Show? network, so we’re all pretty awkward. Don’t be afraid if English isn’t your first language or if you believe that your accent is too thick or you’re worried about a speech impediment… etc. We want to represent everyone that wants to be represented. And we’re hoping that’s *you*

    The number to call is (407) 282-1264. Thanks so much, everyone. Can’t wait to do this episode with you!


    The deadline has been extended to Friday, October 3rd for call-in’s and requests, but that’s a hard cut off date.

    There’s a huge chance we’ll never do this type of thing again, so please take part if it interests you!

    Ice Abyzz

    I couldn’t get the number to work (I filthy foreigner, there probably is some code I have to put in to get it to go through) so I sent you a recording on what I think is your Email. Hope you can use it ๐Ÿ™‚


    That’s totally fine. Great audio clip, too!

    If anyone else wants to submit a statement/memory/request the same way. please feel free to do it before Friday, October 3rd!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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