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    watching force awakens and i feel i am loosing it.

    remember back to what made you like star wars, think of the one thing that turned you to loving the wars, I can. For me it was the ships, the empire, the overall look of the movie. Story elements and the spiked my interests when i grew old enough to identify with them.
    there was a slogan for what lucas did, “lightning in a bottle” it happened once and since then could never, in my opinion, catch it again
    In hearing about the prequels i joined in on the hype of what we were gonna experience, the “old story” as it were about one of my favorite movie universe. then of course they came and went scaring my inner child since then i have been looking for that spark again in star wars.

    For those who dont think i am just complaining, ask yourself: “Is what i am experiencing really great or am i just grasping on to the nostalgia of what i remember experiencing so long ago?”
    Are we as Nerds, dedicated fans to whatever stimulates our imagination, truly slaves to the whims of the hand that feeds us so much so that we are forced to sift through tons of dirt to find that one gold nugget.

    None of this probably makes sense, call me crazy or a whiner and you’ll be right.
    nothing will live up to as much hype as we build up for ourselves, the marvels movies were that way. Not that they were bad but so much was garbled in the translation for a vaster audience that isn’t in the know that it just feels like they didn’t do as good as i thought they should have. again what do i know.
    there more to rant about, which is what i know this is, but really i have gone on long enough

    thanks for taking the time to get this far in it. i promise more upbeat things in the future



    Oh yeah man, as the year has worn on the allure of TFA has diminished. The problems we initially had with it have amplified and while there’s some genuinely good stuff there (mostly in the form of new characters) the story content, beats, and overall film is marred with shoddy work that’s painfully derivative and grotesquely pandering. The latest Pinket review is a good culmination of these feelings:

    I do think that the chances of Rogue One and VIII being good films are far better. TFA’s successes in spite of its substantial failures are par the course for Abrahms, whereas I feel VERY good about Rian Johnson, and Gareth Edwards has made two films that while not perfect through and through have had masterful elements.



    it’s rough @cap, there is so kuch out there that i want to take in but i cheat by getting synopsis’ and listening to other people’s interpretations of something.
    In cheating though i am not fully immersed so there will be a filter for possible disappointment.
    Hell I watch video game cut scenes for the story without worry of investing my time only to be “mass effected”. To be fair i also don’t have a platform to play either but still.
    As for star wars i dont want to get into a situation where i am defending something that’s just bad story telling in order to convince myself that “nothings wrong, the repubic Didn’t intervene against the Order because it was a contrast to America aiding Europe against the Nazis”
    I know its fun to come up with your own interpretation of a thing, these days i feel we are writing their stories for them



    I watched TFA once in the theater, and not since. My feelings on it at the time were basically: If this were my fist Star Wars experience, would I be hype for more of it? Yes I would. And at the end of the day, I think that’s all it “had” to do. Were there things I felt even in that first viewing could have been handled differently? Sure:

    *tentacle ball aliens don’t feel much like star wars
    *Maz Kanata hyped up as a Jabba-level fringe character, portrayed as Grandmother Willow
    *Seriously, where did that lightsaber come from?
    *Snoke-completely un-interesting character design
    *Rei’s force abilities coming from nowhere as if she has Jason Bourne-level amnesia covering previous training
    *Captain Fasma was a tin of pickled Red Herring
    *RIP Zuvio

    I really liked a lot of the visuals, and I like the new characters as well for the most part. Maybe once I nab the special edition blu-ray and watch it again, my opinion may change.



    Not just force abilities, Rei was perfect at everything, and not in a good way.
    Dropped off to a desert as a baby? Sure, years later she marches out of the big sandbox as the bestest mechanic, the bestest pilot and the bestest fighter. Then she developed all the force abilities because she wanted to. She’s like the character that one annoying kid would come up with if you asked them to ‘play star wars’.

    There is no tension as soon as you understand that she cannot fail. This is true for most movies, but usually it’s obfuscated to a degree.

    Luke was a whining brat, he was super impulsive, he fucked up and got schooled by daddy, but he ultimately redeemed himself and became a true hero in a really satisfying way. Rei just sort of, wins automatically. If you watch the movie again you sort of see her move from place to place kinda just on instinct, landing in situations she instantly resolves by wanting them to be resolved.



    I’ll go to bat for the mechanic stuff being easily explained by the fact that she scavenges high tech parts literally for a living, and it requires her to have a high degree of “how stuff works” knowledge in order to know how to find, access, and remove whatever it is she needs to bring home in order to cop those rations. The rest is kind of…lol.



    @maxacree and @m If you havent already you should bring those points to the facebook page star wars spoilers.

    The man theme of this diatribe is really just pointing out how we as fans have no choice but to either except this new EU or just deny it and tell ourselves there is no more star wars.
    And it is like this for everything that has a past fan base. i tried to love the dr strange movie but i couldnt make myself forgive all they did just to appease the new fans that are used to how marvel movies are.
    But i have to accept it because i am not contributing anything to it. I am just a fan that in order to enjoy these stories i have to find something to latch onto



    I’m on that star wars page a bunch, but I still like the forums (even though there are about 3 of us still using it).

    I do want to watch it again, and I’m sure I’ll like it a little bit less than I did the first time, but that’s also where I’m at with consuming content anyway. When I was younger I’d re-watch things, do multiple playthroughs of games, read the same book again every once in awhile, stuff like that. But now for whatever reason I find myself not doing that as much. I’m also in a place where I’d rather like things than not, so if it’s even marginally good I’ll try not to dwell on the negatives.


    Dr. Brendan Rome

    I dunno. I still like the film.

    Yes, it has problems and I accepted that there were some clunky parts such as the too-soon reveal of Kylo being Han’s son. I think we also knew Han wasn’t going to make it out as soon as he spoke up to his son. But for the most part, I still enjoy it. I recently watched it on Starz and seeing Han utter that now-infamous “we’re home” line still gives me goosebumps. Plus, for all the people complaining about the EU getting trashed, watch Rebels which if you haven’t heard, recently brought back the much-beloved Grand Admirial Thrawn into the new continuity. Albiet this is obviously a younger version than the one we’re used to, but his history is still the same as it was before. I even read that Thrawn’s original creator said he watched Thrawn’s debut and described it as seeing a son come home from college ready to take on the world as his own man.

    Getting back on track, TFA may be flawed, but compared to the prequels, it’s NOWHERE near as close. At least here we had likable protagonists. I’m still interested to see Rey learn more about herself, I still want to see Finn wake up and be reunited with Poe so they can share blue milk and reminisce on adventures while they await her return.

    So yeah, bottom line; you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I think it’s still a pretty good movie. Flawless, no, but not as horrible as what came before.


    Kutsu Shita

    Critiques on the movie right after it came out along these lines were generally parried by fans saying they’d make it all better in the next two movies. All would be explained and everything would be amazing if only we could see the full picture. That could still be entirely true, even if the sentiment seems to be turning. What could be flaws in a single movie could be master strokes across a trilogy. I don’t actually believe that (and generally feel a movie should stand on its own merits), but it depends on how much credit you’re willing to give the people at Disney. We’re at least being lead to believe the next episode will take a different turn. We’ll see how far they’re willing to take it. Throwbacks to the original are nice and all, but those won’t stand the test of time.

    They’ll still be a fun watch regardless, I don’t doubt that for a moment.

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