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    sorry to bother you all with this unrelated topic.
    Just got done watching Ender’s Game moments after reading the book, now whether you read or watched it is not the point but when these adaptions are writen up and filmed, i know they can get everything in still some films just dont know how to pace to make you feel for the character that you did when reading about them. They throw scene at you so fast that you dont have time to absorb it.
    I know there are things that have to be dropped for time, and most often that will take away from the performance, but i thought screen writers know how to use their imagination and could come up with a working condenced scene.
    But maybe this falls in with the “too many hands at once” deal in movie making


    The majority of movie flops arises when someone uses the time=money argument. All the best and worst films have to live by this and in the case of severe flops where the adaptation is horrible, the money handlers cut short the writing/creative steps that allow for those great condensed scenes.

    An engineering professor of mine said “if you put the same amount of effort and work in the planning/designing phase of a project, you will save money over the long term and have a better product” I believe this is true in most things, including films. There are other challenges with adaptations that make some scenes impossible, and there is no way to predict if anyone has put enough into the planning/design phase to know where the break point in the investment is. That decision is left to the managers and producers (for all I know).


    yeah, i figured all that. I am just baffled when i see an estsblished story made into film and they try to fit more into it that time will allow and that just screws up a simple story


    Eragon, Avatar the Last Airbender.

    I would add when they drastically change the source material to make it “more appealing” Jumper is a great example of this. They took a story which is fundamentally about a kid dealing with his abusive father, who happens to develop the ability to teleport, and made it an action flick. A bad action flick.

    Steam: Garayur


    His Dark Materials, rest in pieces.




    you know Eragon, though too feeling rushed and the right people not getting enough screen time, wasn’t still a fun watch just wasn’t very good.
    Avatar fault is not just with the adaption but with the young actors in the story.
    Jumper, I never read it was it a short story, did they not have Paladins, cause Sam Jacksons character felt too comic bookish to have been made up just for the movie.


    The most disappointing movie adaptation for me was Ella Enchanted which had been my favorite book as a preteen. In the original Levine story, we got to see the full history of the Cinderella story from the mother’s death to the father meeting and eventually marrying the wicked stepmother, set in a richly developed magical kingdom that felt both absolutely fantastic and very realistically grounded. Ella was self-reliant and clever, learning to both work around her curse of obedience and eventually break it by sheer force of will. The movie though, did away with most everything that I had loved about the book, in the most soul crushing way possible. The backstory and character establishments of the stepmother and sister was completely eliminated, unfunny pop culture jokes abound, the magical creatures that inhabit the kingdom are only kept to give parts to unnecessary sidekicks or as part of a new main plot involving the prince’s evil uncle (because having the actual conflict be about a girl dealing with the mental and emotional turmoil of being forced to obey every direct order given just doesn’t film well) and the method and reason for which Ella breaks the curse are completely changed.

    It felt like the only part of the original book that the writers and producers thought was worth keeping was the concept. “Hey, you know how Cinderella kind of looks like a total wimp for putting up with her evil family as much as she does? What if she was being literally forced to do what they say, ya know because magic and stuff! Then you can turn it into this sort of pro-feminism thing!” The way this concept was applied is so different from the original though that they could have just as easily changed the title and the names of all characters that were retained from the book, and no one would have even been aware that it was based off a book unless they mentioned it in the credits. It may have actually ended up as a better movie if they had done it that way, leaving them more free to focus on the things they thought were important, and not half-assedly pay tribute to the parts of the book they thought people came to see.

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