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A Message From Josh about Bad Storytellers & RPG From Scratch

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    Hello fans and fellow adventurers, Josh La Forge here.

    I’m sorry to say that RPG From Scratch and Bad Storytellers are going on hiatus for the indeterminate future. There is one more episode of Bad Storytellers on the way and several remaining of RPG From Scratch. The reason for this is that I’ve been given a job opportunity that I simply can’t afford to ignore, especially after a long sequence of intense changes to my personal life. It is a great opportunity, and I will miss providing these works both for all of you and my co-hosts.

    I look forward to continuing both of these projects once things have stabilized, but regrettably for the moment, I have no choice but to put them on the shelf. We just got started, but in that short time your support and feedback has been tremendous. Thank you. It has helped me and my co-hosts immensely. As soon as it’s possible for the shows to return, we’ll be back, and you haven’t seen the last of any of us on Nerdy Show.


    Super bummer, but best of luck with your new job. Those are great podcasts, so I hope you get to pick them back up before too long.


    thank you for letting us know.

    Kutsu Shita

    Thanks for what you’ve brought us up to this point, and hopefully you get to add much, much more to it in the future.
    Good luck, Josh!

    "Wait, he says. Do I look like a waiter?"


    Hey Josh!

    How are things going? Any possibility of Bad Storytellers coming back online? I just found this a few weeks ago and have been addicted! I have gone through about an episode a day since. I was actually hoping to see the cast prep for NanoWrimo this year….


    I’m glad you like the show! We’ve been rebuilding our writing group and finding new times to meet. The lineup has changed due to our availability, and we aren’t ready to record much of anything yet. I would LOVE to bring this show back. It skyrocketed my productivity. However, we’ve discussed changing the format to something that would require less editing, so I’m afraid I’ll have to find a replacement for Bad Story Trailers at the end, because there’s just no way I can find the time to produce it anymore.


    That’s awesome that at least you all can start meeting again! Forward progress!

    An idea for the replacement of the trailers, self-serving as it may be:
    I have always been interested in writing, creating storytelling, and gamemastering…the creation of a place for friends to escape and have adventures. However, my ability to learn much about writing had been limited to what I read (and hear from you all). Could you take that section to maybe talk about some topic to “teach others”? You did a couple of prior episodes, where the crew talked about one topic, what it meant, etc. Or, to keep with formatting, have a list of topics, and roll a d?? to choose the topic of discussion? Teach a wannabe like me?

    Thanks again Josh. Good to hear things are well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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