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    On the subject of good 2D stealth games that was brought up in Hex’s recent article about Gunpoint, who else has played these stealth games that came out in the last couple of years?

    Mark of the Ninja – From the developers of Shank, with the same visual style; lauded as being fantastic for surfacing as much information about how visible and audible you are to everyone at all times and giving you the tools and abilities to sneak past/terrify/kill/dispose of any guard you see. I personally think it starts on a pretty high note and gets steadily worse over time due to some plot contrivances that come with playing a complete pacifist run (if I never kill anyone and no one sees me, there is no reason that the bosses should know that I’m coming for them), but it still ends pretty nicely.

    Monaco – My favourite stealth game, edging out Gunpoint for the sheer replayability that the multiplayer and level editor provide. With the tagline “Pacman meets Hitman”, it presents a top-down view of the blueprints for a heist and lets you and up to three “friends” go apeshit to ragtime piano played by Austin Wintory (the guy who scored Journey). Be super stealthy, steal all the gold, get out without being noticed? Shoot guards until you run out of ammo and run away from the rest? There’s no wrong way to play Monaco. And if you don’t believe me, check out this Let’s Play an Internet friend of mine did (and I guested on). I think it’s one of the best games of 2013, the only shame being that it’s so stealthy that basically no one noticed it come out; it sold fairly well, but when awards time came, people just seemed to forget about it.

    Anyone else got any they’ve seen that they particularly like?




    OG Metal gear on NES?


    You misspelled “MSX” there.



    Sage Zer0

    Between the two the music was better in the NES one, and I think I’m a bit partial to the intro.

    Shaded Spriter

    I love stealth games. 2D stealth Games – 1st person stealth games. 3rd person stealth games…Stealth in MMOs. I got a couple of suggestions to add to this list.

    Gunpoint: You are a detective, With the ability to jump really high and rewire the building you are breaking into. have been framed for a murder after launching yourself out of your 3rd floor window while trying on your new “Bionic Trousers”.

    This person is also just working on a new game called “Hear Signature” which is to quote the creator. “Heat Signature: a game about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships” So far all that exists is youtube videos of him playing the prototype.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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