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25 years late, I get the Killing Joke

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    So while I listen to this week’s episode of Lightning Dogs, I wanted to ask for some direction. This weekend, I got to read Killing Joke for the first time. I see why it’s a big deal. The only reason I’m not completely floored by it right now is because of what I’ve seen from Batman in movies and video games in the last five years.
    That’s one big story down, and I know there’s more out there. I would love some suggestions on collections or graphic novels that are triple A stuff. I’m not particular about any author or property. I will say that I have my eye on Blackest Night because that was THE comic topic on Nerdy Show when it was current.


    Here’s a list I made in another “comic recommendation” thread:

    I always highly recommend Incognito, Old Man Logan, and The Walking Dead (it’s way better than the TV series).

    The Walking Dead
    Wolverine: Old Man Logan
    Ghostbusters (IDW)
    Atomic Robo

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    These are two of my favorites. Blacksad, if you are unfamiliar, will blow you away with its amazing art and hard hitting noir storyline. It’s a Belgian comic, and it has only recently started getting some market exposure in the states now that Dark Horse has been translating it. You will not be disapointed with that purchase.

    Xenozoic is this oddity that may or may not be more well known as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, a franchise that had a short lived cartoon and a Capcom beat-em-up in the mid 90s. Mark Schultz is an amazing artist, and the story/world he builds in there is excellent. He pretty much came out of nowhere with Xenozoic Tales, and then he took a job writing Prince Valiant for the Sunday papers which is where he’s been ever since. Rumor has it he is planning to finish Xenozoic (or at least do some more with it) soon, but one supposes time will tell.



    I will endorse Ghostbusters, Saga, and Atomic Robo and toss in Transformers as well.

    My personal recommendations are Wizzywig, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and Digger.

    Wizzywig is a brilliant look at hacking through the life story of the main character who uses the handle Boingthump. I am a computer programmer so this has particular interest to me, but you don’t need to be one to appreciate this book. One of the things I love about this book is that it doesn’t approach hacking from the modern computer centric point of view but looks at it in its broadest sense, manipulating systems to your advantage. It starts with getting free bus rides or pizza, moves on to phone phreaking, social engineering and more. Its a wonderful intelligent look at what relationships hacking has with our society all told through the lense of an interesting, intelligent main character. If you come across a hard copy flip through it a bit, even if it doesn’t sound like your thing. You will be pleasantly surprised.

    If you haven’t seen the Scott Pilgrim movie you are really missing out. And whether you have seen the movie or not the comics will give you something similar while following a different vain. I love both the movie and the comic and they bring very different things to the table. While the movie focused on the action, the comic focused more on the world and characters. It is well worth checking out.

    Digger is a wonderful story with beautiful art. It is about an extremely pragmatic wombat who ends up in India where she must deal with prophetic snail, Hyena’s, and Gods both living and dead. The overall story is positive and often funny, while never been simplistic or unwilling to get dark when it needs to. You can read the whole thing online here or you can purchase the collected volumes online.

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