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  • Hm, I’m not actually sure. I listen to a ton of podcasts, I lose track…

    I redownloaded a selection, and it looks like Ep 287 about Bill Nye might have been the previous broken one. That’s another datapoint, at least. I’ll keep my eyes open for future episodes.

  • Hey, why does this happen? Far as I recall, it only happens with Nerdy Show itself – not on FNF or the RPG shows, or any of the dozens of other casts I subscribe to. Three different media players on my phone misreport the run-time as 10+ hours, and I just downloaded the episode from Soundcloud to my PC, and get…[Read more]

  • I had to return the pen display, it arrived damaged. Do Amazon take their money back for returns? That would suck. I was lucky enough to catch it on sale for a better price than I paid the first time. But I FORGOT TO GO THROUGH THE AFFILIATE LINK. So what the hell, just signed up to the Patreon and sent a one-time donation as an additional Stupid…[Read more]

  • Super weird to hear my name and words being read out WHILE OPENING THE TABLET guys. Thanks to UPS in Canada being bad at their one job, I only just got hold of it this afternoon, after trekking halfway across town to the pick-up location. Complete coincidence that out of dozens of podcasts I subscribe to, I’d been listening to your latest on the…[Read more]

  • Whoops, should probably have mentioned the Canada part. Those are also loonie Canadian dollars, so despite being cool colourful plastic, aren’t worth quite as much.

    You’re welcome, although let’s face it, Amazon is the least selfless way to donate; I mostly bought an expensive thing for myself. I plan on joining the Patreon soon, since my…[Read more]

  • Dammit, too often I forget about Nerdy Show’s Amazon link when buying muh stuff. Bookmark? Yeah, except these days I mainly get to big, obvious sites by starting to type and letting Google complete the word. I think I’ve sent odd purchases your way here and there, but on Friday I bought a $800 22″ pen display tablet, and actually remembered! I…[Read more]

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