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    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hi, everyone. It’s been a while since I posted last. I’ve been having some trouble with the most recent player to our game, but we’re working things out and I saw my other player and our previous Ghostmaster over the holidays for a reunion at my Christmas Party. We’ve discussed what I’ve written up so hopefully in March or May, our previous GM will head the first half of our chapter when I return to New York, and then I’ll GM the final part on the Vineyard. We do live in different areas, but I think we can make this work hopefully. Worse-case is that I do a Skype game or run the whole thing with my other player who lives where I am now.

    Without giving too much away, story-wise, there are some similarities to GB Resurrection Season 2 where my team’s leaving the Vineyard, but instead of going overseas, we’re going to the West Coast to investigate the disappearance of the new LA Ghostbusters (who like the international branch, are based off of some well-known Video Game characters,) but it will also set-up plans I have for a future game to try and celebrate the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the franchise coming up.

    I’ll post more details soon, but I think I have a good feeling that this year we’re going to return to the Vineyard Ghostbusters just as we’ll hopefully see the Central Florida Franchise continue.

    Dr. Brendan Rome


    Sorry this is coming in late, but unfortunately, my computer does not read the image files. Any chance you can share a link to the blank/custom cards in a PNG file for those who use it?

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Sorry it took so long to give my thoughts. Been busy in real life getting a FT Job. Also going on my way to Washington, DC next week for AwesomeCon. Anyways, this was a great episode, though I find it funny that it coincided with the real-life reveal of Avatar World, so I can’t help but think of it as too much of a coincidence. I’m honestly surprised that nobody referenced that. I’ve been to Universal Studios Florida HHN for a couple of years since its announcement and almost every time at the Bill and Ted show, they almost constantly reference that. What I DID expect though was them making a reference to the Lion King. Gotta say, the latest ghost design seemed really creative and you guys took fully advantage of the visuals in the game so well that I could perfectly visualize what it was like in my mind. Funny enough, it actually reminded me of the Ghostbusters 2009 Game Trailer before the rights went to Atari, when they had the first design for The Collector Boss. I’ll post a link here: .

    Although it does make me wonder how much worse the next case is going to be. Bit of advice; don’t try and do this when trying to help the plane land: .

    Can’t wait for the next episode! It seems like we’re reaching the end! Good luck and until then, Happy Ghostbusters Day!

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hello, again!

    Just listened to the latest episode of GBR. This was by far the funniest episode. I called that the Ghost Die was going to be Vivian calling. It doesn’t matter who gets the Ghost Die now, she’s gonna call at some point. So hopefully you guys will be able to get things taken care of at Animal Kingdom quickly (and with luck, you won’t find any tigers there,) and then be able to take care of the situation at Orlando International airport before those planes have to take drastic measures.

    Also, very funny story about Wet & Wild. Wonder if you guys will go there next season. My hope is that at some point the Central Florida Ghostbusters will be able to go to Universal Studios Florida and get REALLY meta with all that’s happened since the original attraction was there.

    So because this episode didn’t come out last Monday, does that mean we should expect a gap between this one and the next now? Or will they still be planned to come out on the last Monday of each month?

    Look forward to listening to more of you guys! Keep up the great work!

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    So FINALLY after some time getting stuff together, I can now talk about our latest Vineyard Ghostbusters Recruit.

    Our latest recruit is named Clara and is playing herself in the game world. In addition to being an active member of the team, Clara also serves as an assistant Office Manager for our secretary when we’re not out on a call. Her induction into the Vineyard Ghostbusters, however, was anything but ordinary. This was my first time as a GM (while also balancing the roles of my in-game character and Sally Aso) and my first solo-written game took inspiration from the old GBR Material as well as some new ideas that have come in the following years since, and will come back in some form or another.

    In the campaign I played with her (which was also my first time as a GM), before she could wake up and greet the day, she had a dream of an apocalyptic wasteland with a trans-dimensional portal overhead. Then she was confronted by a female ghost who looked like she came from the 70’s with pigtails, a white-and-blue dress, and a cigarette in one hand (A/N: The Character is visually based on the late-great Carrie Fisher in the Blues Brothers Movie.) The spirit told Clara to give it her all during the interview today as the Vineyard Ghostbusters would definitely need her. After prepping, Clara went over to the HQ only to get ambushed by some elementary school kids who came to meet the team as part of a field trip. Fortunately, Sally and I arrived in time to divert the kids attention and I ran the interview with her. It was also established that Joe was visiting family and Natalie was taking a vacation in London since in her own words “Hollywood makes more crap than gold, and Washington’s out of the question.” Halfway through the interview, we were attacked by a post-office-Style Ghost. Fortunately, Clara was already a pro with a Proton Pack and we made quick work of the Ghost before sending the kids home. Doing some more research, we discovered that the Ghost was a follower of a supernatural creature known as ‘Death’s Messenger.’ Contacting Dr. Stanz in New York, we learned that Death’s Messenger isn’t exactly a literal messenger of death, but rather a trolling equivalent. Death’s Messenger tries to get in close to somebody, and then phases into a person to make contact with the synapse that sends signals to the brain. It then feeds of the grief of that person until they loose any will to live.

    Further research told us that there was an institute in Woods Hole that held the information to what was going on. After traveling to said institute, we learned that they had apparently opened up another gateway which inadvertently let Death’s Messenger through. It also turned out that Death’s Messenger was actually made up of six entities that shared a hive mind and sought out people’s grief to fill up on individually. As I confronted the man who was stupid enough to let these things through, Clara and Sally bonded a bit with Sally explaining how she came to join the team and how me and her came together. Suddenly, the air got very chilly and one of Death’s Messengers showed up. I quickly knocked out the scientist responsible, tying him up in a closet, while Sally and Clara fled from the messenger. Unfortunately, Clara on that roll had gotten a Ghost Die, so when she ran the messenger grabbed her leg with a tentacle, tripping her. Fortunately, before it could feed off of her grief, Clara pointed her proton wand right in its neck proclaiming “You hush now, b***h.” With that, she fired at point-blank range which released her and she and Sally eventually regrouped with me. Fortunately I had outfitted our car with a Super Slammer (similar to the one seen in Ghostbusters: The Video Game), so we made a plan to lure Death’s Messenger outside towards my character and have him relive the worst moments of his life (of which there are many. Though fortunately they do not involve working at Disney or not understanding how a phone call works.) Some of these memories that Death’s Messenger tried to feast on were fictional, others were fictitious accounts of real sad moments in my life. Fortunately, Clara managed to drag me close to the Vineyard ECTO-1…only to then roll a Ghost Die and end up dropping me face-first on the pavement outside the building. Fortunately, the plan succeeded and Death’s Messenger was sucked up…but there was one still clinging to me. Fortunately, a combination of protection magic from Sally, some positive mood slime from Clara, and a certain memory from my character all factored in and forced the creature to remove itself and be sucked into the trap as well.

    And what was said memory?

    (Warning, you might sad at this next bit)

    In my character’s memory, he was in New York with Joe, Natalie, and Sally. Also there were a number of other members of the Ghostbusters International Community (I didn’t say who specifically as I didn’t know [looking at the game world from a real-world perspective] who would be there and who wouldn’t be.) The original team was more or less there, Venkman looking sadly as a casket was buried into the ground, Winston looking very mournfully at the tombstone now before them, Janine burying her face in Ray’s shoulder. Then a jump to the day before I left to go back to the Vineyard, and I was standing in front of the tomb as I read the inscription:


    Quietly, I whispered “Thank You.” before flashing back to the present. With Death’s Messenger now safely captured and ready for dumping into the grid, we went back to the man who caused all this only to find his jacket…and a pile of ash underneath. However, inside his jacket was a note that thanked us for taking care of things here. The person who brought Death’s Messenger had gone and the person writing this letter assured he’d go after them. The writer of the letter also pointed out we’d be seeing him again in the near-future and to keep our eyes open for him.

    The letter’s signature was unreadable and running it through every known reference proved futile.

    However, Clara officially joined us and noted the dream she had. A quick scan on the Aura Video-Analyzer revealed Clara had a spirit guide now (not unlike Ray’s in the IDW Series). Clara was now officially welcomed as the team’s latest recruit.

    So our story ended a few days later in Atlanta, Georgia where a CEO named Rowan Mattherson (who had been funding the institute that caused this trouble with my team) was tied up in the middle of a meeting about acquiring a piece of land that people were protesting remained untouched. However, in the middle of the meeting, an aide came up to Mr. Mattherson and whispered something to him. Intrigued, Rowan told his fellow board heads to keep the meeting going without him. After confirming more of the information, Rowan ordered that the “other project” begin quick production as soon as possible. As the aide left him to send the word out, Rowan looked through his desk and pulled out a photo of himself…and a younger version of my character during his college years!


    So that’s the update with my team so far. I’m holding off for a while until our former GM gets back. Rest assured, the Spirit Guide and Mattherson are going to play big roles in the future very soon. The Mattherson stuff is part of my plan to celebrate the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the franchise as I discussed in @dagrik’s ‘How Many Franchises’ Post which can be found on the GBR Forum.

    If anyone is still interested in taking part, please contact me via PM and I will share with respective game masters what my plans are and we can transition from story to story. For now, however, I am taking a little break from that until my old GM rejoins us.

    Until then, I’ll be listening to GBR and giving my thoughts as the episodes come out.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    One thing I forgot to mention; my birthday’s coming up and one of the things I have on my list is a custom-made PKE Meter for my cosplay. The wings don’t go up, but the detection on this device is based on how fast the lights go. I’ll post photos of me with it later. Just wanted to mention this now.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hi all! It’s been a while, but I’m back with an update! I’m running a game this Saturday where we’re going to be introducing a new team member! I’ll let you all in on the details after the game, but I’ve also got my Season 2 Plans in motion. The stuff with the live show unfortunately isn’t going to happen, but I think I’ll be doing it at some point in the future. Anyways, I’ll put up another post on Saturday explaining our new member/player background, and how the scenario went. Take care until then!

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hi, all! Just listened to the latest episode of Ghostbusters Resurrection! Man was that a great episode. I’m actually surprised that when it turned out that the mysterious van was a Plumber’s Van, nobody bothered to ask if it was the Mario Bros. Also, really like the Druden. I actually almost believed that the creature attacking the park was actually Swamp Thing considering the Halloween theme and the fact that it was still a Wes Craven work. Look forward to seeing how you guys take care of the remaining Druden.

    A side note for @briggs though, you may have succeeded in just barely saving your relationship, but this is why I had previously mentioned that it helps to employ girlfriends. Even if they say no, you can always lure them back with the promise that if they join, they can know for sure that their loved ones are close by and safe. It also helps so that you know for certain that a siren is trying to play mind-games with you. Just saying.

    Anyways, loved the episode and the little tag at the end with the “Goo Man Group” Inquiry. You guys really need to start making actual T-Shirts of the “band.” Keep up the great work! Here’s to the next episode! 🙂

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Here are my own favorite movies in no particular order:

    Toy Story 1-3
    Back to the Future 1-3
    Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II
    Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI and VII)
    Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade)
    Nightmare on Elm Street (every film save for the reboot)
    Superman I-III and Returns
    Batman (1966, 1989, 1992, Begins, The Dark Knight, and the Dark Knight Rises)
    Rock of Ages (A truly underrated musical movie from 2012 based on one of my favorite musicals)
    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
    The LEGO Movie
    The LEGO Batman Movie
    The Blues Brothers
    Evil Dead 1 & 2
    Army of Darkness
    Star Trek (2-4, 6, Generations, First Contact, Nemesis, 2009, and Beyond)
    James Bond Series
    John Carpenter’s The Thing
    Halloween (1978), II (1981), Season of the Witch, The Curse of Michael Myers (The Producer’s Cut, obviously), and H20: 20 Years Later
    Big Trouble in Little Chinatown
    Child’s Play Series with various hits and misses during the films
    Godzilla (1954 and the 2014 film)
    King Kong (1933, 1976, and the 2005 films)
    Trick r Treat
    Home Alone
    Terminator (1, 2, and Salvation to a degree)
    Men in Black
    Jurassic Park
    Jurassic World
    The Harry Potter Series
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    Predator (1987)
    The Mummy (1999)

    There’s probably a few others I’m forgetting. If I can remember them, I’ll add it to the list, but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head right now.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Just listened to the latest episode (I swear I stay up late at night just so I can see if I can hear this first.) Today was a bit of a rough day in my personal life, I don’t want to get into details, but thing were kind of tough but we’re starting to bounce back from it.

    That said, this episode brought a lot of laughs and joy to me. Loved the shootout scene and the Die-Hard stuff. Yeah, the Christmas adventure I have planned has a couple of nods though mainly as a tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman who in my humble opinion, is the best and most realistic of action movie villains (as far as those films go.)

    But Briggs, just FYI, sometimes if you let the girl come to help and strap on a pack, you might find out a couple of things about her. In my game, the girl who I let join us not only ended up dating my character but also brought some magic to the team. I get where you’re coming from in that you’re concerned for her, but you have to learn to trust in a relationship. A very wise man once put it best “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. Hoooo.” I think we can all learn from that. Instead of being too afraid to lie or try to sound confident when we clearly know the Dice Gods are working against you.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that you guys at the Orlando Branch might not be the only ones clueless in regards to the cult. I have some theories regarding Mr. Book and his connections to the cult, but I won’t say them here. Otherwise, great episode again, and I can’t wait for the next one.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hi all-

    Had an idea for some of my “equipment-mongers” (those who want gear in an RPG as much as they get it in Diablo games) to break down the upgrades for the equipment to more subtle levels. For the proton packs, I would actually start with it as written, having to use it as a proton stream until ready to use a capture stream, then maybe upgrade that, to automatic. Maybe require two streams to capture a ghost, then reduce that. Traps could get upgrades (or reduce difficulty) to trap a ghost. Boson darts give 3 damage, however the pack is recharging the next round. Next upgrade, can use regular stream on off turn. Next maybe option for 4 dmg, but cannot use on second round, or something.

    Haven’t gotten ideas for all equipment yet, but still thinking. Also thinking about ecto-vehicle upgrades (mobile containment, enhanced detection hardware, mount for a boson cannon, other “made-up” stuff that sounds good, or could be used later in the campaign) or just buying better vehicles.

    What are your thoughts?

    @dagrik, All of those sound like reasonable breakdowns. Just make sure your players won’t somehow try to take advantage of it. The reason I’ve been so slow in giving out new equipment and upgrades to my players is because I know they’d quickly become overpowered and break the game.

    At the start and end of each season, all they want to do is upgrade. But as soon as I start throwing big problems at them, they get to work. No time to build and test new equipment when the world is in danger, right?

    I guess what I’m really saying is that if you think your players will appreciate it and find it fun, then you can’t go wrong.

    I’ve actually been working on similar equipment for the game but I think Doug is right in that I should just leave it to dice rolling and then we’d work out the stats from there. On that note, if you’ve listened to the last episode of resurrection and heard my cameo during the credits, you know one such item that my team will have soon is the Ecto-Glasses. This is a nod to the IDW Comics, as mentioned with the note that Dr. Spengler had made a previous version, that appeared in one of the pre-ongoing comics that featured the IDW Ghostbusters meeting the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, in a scenario completely different from when they encountered the spirits in the ‘Real Ghostbusters’ Animated Series. I had mentioned the idea before, but the advantage is having goggles that are more portable and can fit in a pocket.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    I would be really down for that. In 2019, we’ll be having the 35th Anniversary Event, so this could be a great way for our RPG Community to do our own big event much like how IDW had their ‘Mass Hysteria’ Event in 2014. On that note, I’m already looking for more people to play with me this year, so the Vineyard Ghostbusters might be expanding their ranks pretty soon.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Here’s a bonus feature thing I’ve only just added to the episode page. A little visual aide I made to help the gang have a more visceral experience:

    , I have the feeling during this scene that you drew either one of these songs was probably played in somebody’s head:

    Option 1:

    or Option 2:

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hi, guys! Just listened to the latest episode! Here are my thoughts (WARNING! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THESE THOUGHTS!)

    First off, I loved the movie screening choices! Up here on the Vineyard, we don’t tend to have Halloween-themed movie screenings that often, with the exception of in 2015 after Wes Craven’s unfortunate passing where in order to honor him, the local Film Center screened the classic Nightmare on Elm Street movie to honor Craven and even introduced the film with a guy who interviewed Wes shortly after the movie originally hit theaters back in the day (also a little side-note, I got to know one of the workers at that theater, and he used to work for Universal Studios Florida. Specifically he worked in the now-defunct Ghostbusters: Spooktacular playing Walter Peck! He’s even offered to do a voice-over session for my game reprising the role in the near-future). I will also point out that one of those films mentioned may contain characters who may or may not be appearing in a future Vineyard game. Also, props to Nina for the Adventure Time reference. That was actually the first thing I thought as well when I saw the episode artwork for the first time.

    The Zombies/Wicker Man scene was pretty intense also. With the mention of the Wicker Man movie, albeit being the original one, I was almost expecting one of the Central Florida members to ask if the guy in the Wicker Man had any bee stings on his face (yeah, I know the Nicholas Cage movie blew chunks, but it was done in that so-bad-it’s-good way in my opinion especially in regards to the Bee Scene, as some have pointed out, as a fascinating study in-and-of-itself when you get down to it, because Cage isn’t technically going all-freak out since he’s not making the giant wide-eyes, instead going for a seven-rating on the crazy-meter and then giving up). The thing with the zombies also kinda reminded me of the opening scene of the remake (one of the VERY few good things I liked about that film and had the remake stuck with that style and feature more likable and normal males, I would not hate it as much as I did). Also, it sort-of resembled IDW’s first Infestation Event with the Ghostbusters Tie-In, which funny enough, I also mentioned in my first Vineyard Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game when Natalie theorized our first mission as a new team was Zombie Ghosts based on the information we had obtained from the callers, but I explained that there weren’t any such thing due to an event that the New York Team faced in the early 90’s.

    Now onto the biggest spoiler; the Samhain revelation really got me good. I actually received the majority of The Real Ghostbusters animated series for Christmas, and the moment I heard the words being played in reverse, I literally jumped and yelled ‘OH S**T!’ I know the official Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game had an adventure featuring Samhain called ‘Pumpkin Patch Panic’ which was also set on Halloween, and this seems to be influenced by that story in some ways. Hopefully the Central Florida Team will be extra careful now both in regards to the Occulto Veritas and this new enemy. (Especially you, Briggs. We don’t want to pull a Ben Tramer after what happened in Haddonfield on Halloween Night 1978.)

    Finally, there is of course, my vocal cameo. I still think I could’ve done the lines a bit better, but unfortunately I was suffering from a bit of a cold I was coming down with at the time. Still, I think I managed to get it out pretty good. Maybe in the future I’ll have my other Player Character Co-Stars leave a message as well. The Ecto-Glasses are some new in-game tech I’m working on for the team. As I mentioned, they’re upgraded from Dr. Spengler’s previous design which is in reference to IDW’s Ghostbusters: Past, Present, and Future One-Shot which saw the IDW Ghostbusters meeting the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future for the first time in a new form, following the animated series episode Xmas Marks the Spot which you can see more about on the Ghostbusters Wikia. Bottom-line is that I’m glad to have taken part in this episode very much and hopefully if I find that I’m going to be in Florida, I’ll let you guys know and maybe we’ll do that crossover I mentioned.

    Overall, a terrific episode that was definitely worth the wait, and a source of happiness during these dark times. Look forward to the episode at the end of next month as well!

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    @rgbbr We’ll be releasing the next episode on Jan 30th (if not sooner).

    Finally! Some good news I can be happy about! Looking forward to the continuing adventures of the Central Florida Team. I have more stuff for the Martha’s Vineyard Ghostbusters coming up including some new equipment/gadget descriptions, some “articles” about the team, and a heartfelt tribute/farewell to a legend. I’ll be counting down until the next episode. 🙂

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