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    Hey so Saturday Morning Streaming just ended, but not before a post by post fanfiction was written. Well, the first and some of the second chapter any way. Stevo requested Lion King / Left 4 Dead cross over fan fiction. And thus this glorious abomination was born. Written by Lorenzomnomnom and myself, with special thanks to Wolfboy for the title:

    Lion 4 Dead
    A Post by Post Fanfiction

    Chapter 1:

    “Normally the elephant graveyard sat devoid of sound. A secluded sepulchur for thing best left forgotten.”

    “But beneath the sanguine light dusk, the sound a snapping bones echoed out from under heavy foot falls.”

    “Four figures were seen moving in haste, their heavy breathing audible all around the barren, lifeless land”

    “Well this place is cheerful,” said Nick

    “Well Shoot, better than gettin our asses chased by unded suns-o-bitches!” said Ellis, smiling wryly

    “Hey Now, haven’t y’all ever heard of a jinx?” Yelled Coach

    “I think we could all use a break. I mean, there isn’t a safe room nearby, but this place seems safe enough”, Coach spouted, trying to catch his breath”

    “As they caught there breath for a moment, Rochelle perked up for moment”

    “Hey… Did any of you hear that?” She asked

    “Ellis scrunched his face, craning his neck into the air.”

    “Whaddya mean, I don’t hear anythin. You goin crazy, Rochelle?” Ellis sighed,” Sounds like you need a rest.”

    “Out from behind the bones, the sound trilled once more. Louder this time. It surrounded them, emanating from grim, tusk faced skulls that surrrounded them.”

    “It sounded like strange cruel laughter”

    “What the fuck?! They followed us all the way here? Everyone get ready!” Nick shouted

    “However, What popped out of this skulls surprised the small bunch”

    “Pawing on four legs, the snickering beast hobbled towards them. Exposed ribs protruded from its undebelly, while half gnawed organ meat swung freely in a grisly intestinal garland”

    “It choked out laughter in a hollow and unearthly growl. It’s fangs glistened with hardened blood.”

    “Awww, it’s zombie road kill!” Coach exclaimed, his face turned up into a perturbed grimace

    “Don’t call that *** cute! It’s comin right over here!”, Ellis then began to unload his clip into the bleeding menace standing before the troupe

    “Dark red ichor sprayed from the beast as the bullet bore into its rotten hide. It crumpled to the dusty ground, tongue lolling out of its slack mouth”

    The shots echoed through the wasteland, alarming Rochelle,” Hey, dipshit! What if there are more of those around!”

    “For a moment the 4 waited as the gunshot’s scream dissipated . The silence lasted a terrifying moment before the laughter sounded once again.”

    “Yellow eyes flitted open from the shadows cast by the bones. The sporatic snickers and chortles that surrounded them before rising into a howling gale.”

    “Run for it!” Nick shouted,” This isn’t the time to bitch!” The group then grabbed their essentials to sprint to God knows where

     “As they ran the squealing heynas loped after them. They gnashed their venomous fangs from behind prison bars of the colossal ribcages. Every where the group looked as they blindly rushed through decaying labyrinth were the twisted maws of the beasts.”

    “Flesh torn from there mouths, they were each of the left with a sadistic forced grin.”

    “The group, clearly overexerted, ducked into a nook between two skulls, hoping for temporary Salvation”

    “The heynas closed in, their ragged quarry cornered. As the team braced for horde to descend, the beasts halted for a moment.”

    “They peered upward, backs arched defensively”

    “Shit, Thanks to Ellis for wastin the last clip, we’re gonna die,” Rochelle claimed

    “But what are they doin?” Ellis asked, wondering what the beasts were waiting for

    “Hey now, we’ll get outta this, we just gotta find a way-” said Coach before a rumbling roar purred out from above them”

    “A larger form fell from the sky, landing on its feet, giving a triumphant stance, making the furry dead beasts cower”

    “Then with primal speed the behemoth charged the pack of ravenous predators. Bones snapped and bodies slid into the splintering walls”

    “In mere moments the heynas lay silent. The four gazed in awe at the proud animal that stood amongst the mangled carcasses.”

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    @Cap, you can’t keep tantalizing me with this! It has been too long since we got to run with the pack!

    My other name is Rosswell


    @Armadon, Yeah thats a bit of a problem. Most of our folklore and horror stories are shared with America, as far as I’ve heard. The one thing that we have is Sasquatch, and possibly some First Nations culture. But I don’t really know. A Wendigo could be a cool creepy one. And If I’m feeling unoriginal I can match GBR’s Billy with the Werewolf of London Ontario.

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    There will have to be zombie and/or ghost mounties at some point. Perhaps on a mission to burn down the white house again. Maybe Some local woods are being stalked by a ethereal serial killer who dresses like a lumber jack. The possible Canadian stereotype ghost adventures are endless!

    But seriously, I think I might do one or both of the above at some point.

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    Mine just showed up this past week! The Royal Canadian Ghost Busters are ready to mount up!

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    Hey I thought I throw myself into this. If it hasn’t been thought of already how about some “Slime Mines” that are tripped by a PKE level that the ghost busters can set. So far most of the equipment and weaponry is for when the ghost busters are being attacked. It might be neat to see some more subtle trapping. As for the flashlight, “Flash Mine” might also work, for when you want to get a bunch of ghosts all at once.

    I was also thinking the Ghost AV Analyzer could use a more portable version. Maybe a head set and mic that let’s you freely converse with ghosts?

    For the Megalodon I think a dry lake bed could be a cool alternate setting. That way you could have other ghost aquatic life while the busters run around behind trees and rocks. Just a thought.

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    I haven’t broken many games. I mean there were always the dupe procedures for Diablo 1 and Oblivion and such. I think one of the only games I properly broke was thief 2.

    In some of the levels you can get gas arrows that are basically knockout gas. When playing on Expert, where you can never kill anyone, only knock them out, these are like mana from heaven. Unfortunately, they are expensive as balls and you’ll find an average on maybe 1 on each level that has them. BUT sometimes the game does some screwy things thanks to the arrow pick up mechanics. When a regular arrow hit wood it would get stuck to it and you could pick it back up. You could do the same with rope and vine arrows. Sometimes the gas arrows would do the same thing, but they would stick out of people. Whats even better is that it still registers the hit, and they get knocked out.

    In addition to this I remember the gas arrow knocking out normally immune enemies wearing gas masks. All of the sudden you could just snipe and know out half the most troubling enemies with a single gas arrow. That was pretty awesome. I could never figure out how to do it reliably, so it involved a lot of save and reloading to do. Sometimes I swear it would work for a single encounter then after a save or load it wouldn’t work again.

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    The Royal Canadian GhostBusters are now awaiting certification. Can’t wait to cook up something with this!

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    So, do we just call in then? Join a conference call? Will we be able to listen to the event in any way after today?

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    I am really not sure if I can make this, with a time change and some other complications I won’t be able to listen until 10:00pm Florida Time. Still, maybe I’ll pull something crazy and get there before the end. BUT, if I don’t I’d love to have any of the following questions answered.

    To All: When and how did you start playing tabletop rpg’s, and before you played them what did you think of them?

    To Cap: You have some of the most entertaining and heartfelt performances both in DnD, Pokeballs of Steelix, and just about everything else, so how do you enter a character, their personality and mannerisms? Do you prepare before hand, finding the voice and character first? On the fly?

    To Collin: The Great Hex and Collin Tron Debate: How can one movie create such a beautifully crafted mutual hate such as yours, and is it still worth it?

    To Jamella: What would you think if you found out that your life was being dictated by a bunch of guys playing a game and recording your never ending plight for the amusement of others (Like in the Fan Love Contest Story)

    To Barty: What the hell is Chin Music, and who the hell is “Brody?”

    Hope to ask these questions live, but if not thar’ you go.

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    This was amazing. I loved Righty and Jemellad (God that is awful but I don’t care). Your reactions both to your swaps and each other was hilarious.

    That said I have an honest question. @Hex what the heck do you eat? Honestly, I have no clue as to what remaining foods are available for you to eat. Do you eat nothing but regular cheerios and empty tortillas?

    PS – Shemak is hilariously calm about all this, and Barta is just frighteningly optimistic. Love all this.

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    For those that missed it, Tony did sing the entire thing on the livestream

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    Okay here is the first draft of a song from the Jedi musical spawn during today’s livestream

    Its called: Force Jump

    Rebel: Gotta keep,
    Force jump ahead of the jedi,
    Force step ahead of the sith,
    I don’t know, how I’ll get out of this.
    There everywhere,

    Force jump away from Jabba,
    Bounty Hunters shoot on the fly,
    Why do, they still want me to die?

    Troopers: Rebel
    We’re your

    Rebel: Just some some stolen plans guys!

    Troopers: Open fire, steal it back guys

    Rebel: I understand, gotta get away,
    Now I know just what to do!

    General: Who?
    Oh I see just another trooper,
    Though I see he is a little short,

    Rebel: I can’t believe that this is working…
    Gotta prisoner to find,
    (And escape to make)
    See you all another time

    Force trick, all of weak minds,
    Force choke everyone else,
    But how am I gonna save myself?

    Force Lift, all the doors open,
    Force push, to try and pull through,
    Still don’t know just what I’ll do

    Troopers: Jedi
    Get him

    Rebel: Wish I was in Mos Eisley
    Use the Force now and act wisely,
    Got to feel it flow
    Let it penetrate
    Hey guy’s can’t we get along?

    Troopers: Wrong!


    Rebel: Force jump ahead of the smugglers

    Rebel: Force hop ahead of the all

    Rebel: Force leap out of diaster

    Rebel: They shoot, but my saber’s faster

    Rebel: Here goes,
    I can see my x-wing
    See at the next thing
    All I gotta do is jump!

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    And so closed the most epic live stream in Nerdyshow history.

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    Stream Returns tonight at 7:30 EST, with Doug and Booze!

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