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Anyone in the community still interested in RP?

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    I recently discovered roll20 and am getting quite interested in doing some role playing. Anyone ever run a campaign using roll20? I’ve been wondering what the experience would be like role playing online using this tool.



    Roll20 was fun, but I got the impression it required a decent amount of preplanning by the gm.

    I’m personally always into more roleplaying, but with the timezone differences and all I probably won’t be able to.



    I would love to play also in another RP game, but my schedule makes my availability so small its nearly impossible for me to join/host a game. If nothing else though I try to keep one weekend night open to play. Its all part of my plan for long term sleep deprivation training. ie kids.
    In all seriousness, if you are looking at a weekend night game (9:30PM EST) let me know, and I’ll try to join.



    Actually Saturday/Friday as Anduin mentioned would work for me, if I’m welcome. Not Sunday though, cuts too much into the next work week.



    I have very little actual tabletop RP’ing experience, but I understand stats and rolling and roleplaying. I am interested in Sagas because it seems like it isn’t bogged down with numbers and grids and calculations. Has anyone used Sagas, or do more traditional roleplaying systems work well enough through the internet? What systems have you guys played with before?

    Sundays are my completely free day, but any day in the morning would work as well. Or late nights I could do too. I need to spend some time to choose and learn a game system though.



    I would be interested in playing too. AD&D 2e was my most comfortable system, but I found Pathfinder to be fun too last time I was playing with the Nerdy Show forum crew.

    As a farmer though, my schedule tends to be pretty seasonal. Sometimes I’ll be unable to make games due to field/barn/bush work.

    I have no Sagas experience. I think Ruel sounded like he was getting close to a digital release during the Dungeons and Doritos Q&A, so that would make trying it easier.

    For schedule, I could probably free up a weekend night on a regular basis for 8pm EST until 12 or 1, subject to wifely demands.

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    My schedule’s pretty open, so when isn’t much of an issue, although time zones will be a factor since I live on the West Coast. What system is used is a more important issue for me though. Since I only started playing tabletop games a few years ago I have a vary limited knowledge of game systems. The only systems I’ve had a lot of experience with as a player are Savage Worlds and 4th edition DnD. I had one disastrous experience GMing a game with Sagas (Word to the wise, never try to do a pickup game with a system none of the players but you are familiar with) and I’ve read the rulebooks but never played a handful of other lesser known systems. Although I’d love to learn more systems, especially the more popular ones like Pathfinder, doing so while at the same time familiarizing myself with an entire group of people I’ve never gamed with before sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Basically I’m intrigued by the proposal, but unless it looks like I’d have something to contribute to the group, you might be better off without me.



    I’ve had the handbook for Sagas for a few years now. It has been almost as long since I have really read thru it honestly. I got it so a few of my long distance friends and I could start up a campaign, but they had absolutely no experience with it and the idea sorta fizzled.

    I’d be willing to play about anything. I have read many books, but played only a few. GB RPG, Pathfinder, AD&D, D&D 3ed, Sagas, whatever that marvel one from the ’90’s was called, and a few more.



    I’d be willing to play, but don’t expect to have the time to run a full time game.

    Having said that, I DO plan to run a one shot in a couple of months using my own RP System, if there’s enough interest for it when I’m ready to do it.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!

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