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We’ve put a lot of love into reviving this supernaturally spectacular RPG. If you’d like to say thanks for the resources we’ve made available, or contribute to the further development of new equipment and new ways to expand your game – you’ve come to the right place. You can either donate below, or support this project and pick up your own set of our custom gear.

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In order to get down to playing the game you’ll need some custom gear: Equipment Cards and a Ghost Die. The Equipment Cards determine what items a Ghostbuster is carrying and act as a quick reference for how it works, and the Ghost Die is a d6 with a special facing that’s essential to the gameplay.

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We’ve redesigned and updated the Equipment Cards from the ground up featuring expanded rules and all-new artwork by Matasm. We’ve also added gear from the Ghostbusters cannon that were never a part of the RPG like the Slime Blower and Dark Matter Generator – all playtested on Ghostbusters: Resurrection.

trap-400Having a real Ghost Die pop up on an important roll adds so much to the game. It’s hard to describe unless you experience it yourself. As for the cards; they’re poker-sized, printed on quality stock, and come in a Containment Unit tuck box. The world has been playing with lackluster, homemade alternatives for too long – our equipment was designed to be even better than the original.

Download & Print-Your-Own:

All-New Equipment Cards | Redesigned Personnel Files

We love developing this project and expanding on an already fantastic game – we want to keep doing it! We want to develop more equipment and produce new cards to go with it, create our own modules and other bonus feature to keep Ghostbusters Roleplaying alive – but we need your help. You can donate above or support us buy picking up our custom gear. There’s nothing quite like having pro-grade equipment on hand.

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With these new cards come new and updated rules. Each card has a helpful summary of how they work, but for nuanced details that your GM might want to know, such as how Slime Tethering works, you’ll want to head over to the Updated Rules page. On that page you’ll also find rules for cards that don’t yet exist including well-known gear like the Proton Piston and new developments in spectral elimination tech like Slime Grenades. We have plans for lots more! If you want to see more gear including an expansion pack of Special Equipment let us know on the forums!

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