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Additional Ghostbusters RPG Rulebooks

On this page, you’ll find supplements to West End’s original Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game.  For the core rulebooks, updated rules, and resources, please visit our How to Play page.

Additional adventure modules for the 1986 edition:

Ghost Toasties  |  Hot Rods of the Gods

In 1989, West End Games released a new version of the system called “Ghostbusters International” with more detailed rules for people who wanted a “traditional” RPG experience. Personally, we think more rules just complicate things, but if you’re looking to try it out below is the Ghostbusters International Rulebook, a Supplement, and Tobin’s Spirit Guide (the “Monster Manual”). Tobin’s is a fun resource that can be used for the original game; simply ignore some of the stats geared to the later system.

Ghostbusters International Rulebook  |  Supplement Tobin’s Spirit Guide

 Additional adventure modules were produced for Ghostbusters International – they’re readily available elsewhere online.

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