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D&D Pint Glass

Dungeons and Doritos pint glass

Have a pint.

  • Sandblasted for that classy look.
  • Be the envy of… Internet nerds?
  • Nothing like a tall one after some DnD, or, during.
  • Smooth frosted finish.

Price: $15.00

NO LONGER AVAILABLE – send inquiries to

Pints, they hold way more than shot glasses!

Our friends over at Illuminated Lion (headed by SciTech’s Jon West, and Gazatteer Kristin Frenzel) made us some awesome glassware. Here we have a pint glass featuring the Dungeons and Doritos logo, blasted into the glass with a trillion tiny pieces of sharp metal oxides! A tad bit more versatile for every day use than a shot glass, but with just as much awesome.

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