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D&D Character Pint Set 2 – “Love Triangle”

Dungeons and Doritos Character Glasses Set 2

Drink Lefty under the table!

  • Drink up with Chair, Vimak, and Barty!
  • Featuring new illustrations by Tony Baldini
  • Nothing like a tall one after some D&D! Or, during…
  • Smooth frosted finish. Like THIS

Price: $40.00

NO LONGER AVAILABLE – send inquiries to

Pints, they hold way more than shot glasses!

Our friends over at Illuminated Lion and in-house artist Tony Baldini, have come together to create drinking glasses featuring the cast of Dungeons & Doritos! Set 2 features the characters you love to ship – Jamela, Jen’Ifer, and Lefty blasted into pint glasses with a trillion tiny pieces of sharp metal oxides! High class ale drinking awaits you! Oh, and remember, these glasses are sand blasted, so they’ll actually look white. The pic above is a mockup, but you can see a real-life example here.

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