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The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program

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The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program is live tabletop roleplaying turned into a 1930s radio serial. What dark deeds unfold on the streets of Arkham?  And which unwitting souls – innocent or impure – will succumb to the maddening call… OF CTHULHU? A cinematic audio drama wrought with unknowable horror and black comedy.

Series 2: The Terrible Secret of Lot X:

Pre-Show | Episode 1 | Episode 2Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6  | Episode 7 | Episode 8 coming January 30th

Wealthy occultist, Estelle Thorpe’s latest auction win proves to be a Pandora’s Box of horror. To solve the paranormal mysteries she’s uncovered, she’s assembled an unlikely crew of curiosity-seekers: Moses; mountain man turned renowned novelist, Cherry; a floozie who’s more than she seems, Oswald; a hobo king, Anjana; Estelle’s cunning assistant, and Kenneth; a notorious gambler. Together they encounter monsters above and below and an unholy conspiracy that threatens to shred their sanity to tatters.

Character Art and Supplemental Materials – coming soon The Series II Original Score

Series 1: The Black Birth:

Pre-Show | Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8

Meet Sam; a cagey ex-Federal Agent, Deloris; the obsessive book dealer, Hank Jr.; a noble farmboy, Cyril; the smooth-talking jazz man, and Father Grandfather; a mad bible salesman. These five housemates of dubious moral fiber must band together to solve a murder most foul and risk their very sanity as their trail leads them into a realm of nightmares.

Character Art and Supplemental Materials The Series I Original Score

Cast members from Nerdy Show‘s RPG favorites Dungeons & Doritos, Ghostbusters: Resurrection, Pokéballs of Steelix, and Paranoia XP team up with Call of Cthulhu Game Master, Luke Stram, and the composers of Dungeons & Doritos’ score, Ryan and Mike McQuinn, for a terrifying and hilarious RPG series like no other!

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