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Current support drive:

$UPPORT US to Curate Our Next Movie Marathon


“Bacon” – Twothums, Jobarda, MuckRaker, Stuart Edney, BigBadShadowMan, Frozentreasure – $469.22

“North America Battle Royal: US vs. Canada vs. Mexico vs. Greenland” – Twothums, The Roosevelt Sniper, Maraun, Frostproof, Obtuse, Ross Butler – $345.99
“The End of the World: Existential Threats” – Muckraker, twomper, Farley – $46
“Video Game Fan Translations” – Been, Frozentreasure – $30
“How to DM: A Guide to Tabletop Roleplaying” – Fussface, Firedrake110 – $25
“Nostalgia – Creativity Destroyed or Franchise Continued?” – Gundamking – $20
Nerd Love and Nerd Rage– Hexual – $15
“MS Paint Adventures” – Frozentreasure – $10

October total: $946.21

Next bonus perk at $1,000. (See below for bonus perk info)

September winner:“Nerdcore: The Past, Present & Future of Nerd Music” – Anti Luke, Ross Butler, Big Bad Shadow Man, BlameTheWizards, lgolem, Flaninja, Sage0, Darren Reid, Arkais – $253

Yes, you can choose a topic of an upcoming episode of Nerdy Show, and the Nerdy crew will make it a full-fledged effort, with research, guests, and anything else that seems appropriate to make it live up to our high standards of broadcasting.

How do I do that, you ask? Simple! Click the red $upport link above. It has a heart.

Enter your desired amount, login to PayPal, and you’re half way there. Next, click the phrase that reads, “Hey thanks, cool person! What’s up?” to open the message field. Tell us your handle, your topic, and anything else you’d care to mention and support!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Well, it’s kind of like an auction. Multiple bids from the same individual will stack. Say Person #1 bids $15, then Person #2 bids $25 – making Person #2 the leader. But #1 wants it bad, and throws down an additional $30 – which stacks onto his or her previous bid making #1’s bid $45 and putting sir or madam back on top. Boosh!

Current support drive ends October 31st at 11:59pm EST

SPONSORING A TOPIC: If you like a marathon that someone else has posted you can back it and join in as a support partner! Just let us know which one you’re into in the comment field of your bid. Every marathon topic we receive will be logged on THIS page.

This means that if you want to support us and have a marathon in mind, but can’t afford to trump the current bidder all by yourself, you can place a bid, and if other prospective bidders like your subject, your modest sum may grow up to be KING!

CAN I BID ON A PREVIOUS MARATHON? If the topic has already won, no. If the topic didn’t win then, YES!

BONUS PERKS Every time our monthly cumulative total breaks the hundred mark ($100, $200, and so on), the bidder responsible gets to choose the topic of a Nerdy Show Mircosode and which of our hosts will lead the discussion. Also every bid gets you an e-mail of Nerdy Show Support Perks – check your spam bin!

CURRENT BIDS & TIE-BREAKERS: Currently reigning sponsors are displayed prominently on the right side of the page and all active bids are shown above. In the event of a tie during or at the end of the drive, the contenders will be notified and the person willing to make the highest bid, chooses the final subject.

ETIQUETTE Nerdy Show reserves the right to interpret the final topic in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining show. When submitting a topic please take into consideration what would make for “good radio”. Also, please use good judgement when suggesting a topic.  There isn’t much we won’t talk about, but reserve the right to decline a topic if it’s deemed inappropriate.  In that instance the bid will be refunded.

WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to do the show! As an explicit podcast most traditional advertising venues etc. are closed to us. Without your support we can’t afford to produce the show. The response to these drives has been outstanding and we’re really grateful. Thanks so much gang!

Send any questions to

Previous Support Topics:

April 2011:  “Voice Acting” – Byron McIsaac and Ross Butler – $120
Voice Acting! Part 1
Voice Acting! Part 2

May 2011:  Dicks” – Jay Jones, Rob Beaver, Megan Vermeer & John Sebastian $232.53
The Pen15 Club

July 2011: “Giant Monsters & Their Natural Enemies” Big Bad Shadow Man & bertoelcon –  $122.38
–Episode forthcoming

August 2011: “Real Life Vigilantes & Superheroes” – bertoelcon, AntiLuke, heyitsbigandy, & twomper – $160.04
–Episode forthcoming

September 2011: “Nerdcore: The Past, Present & Future of Nerd Music” – Anti Luke, Ross Butler, Big Bad Shadow Man, BlameTheWizards, lgolem, Flaninja, Sage0, Darren Reid, Arkais – $253
–Nerdcore: Part 1 | Part 2

September Runners Up:

“Canada” – Kaosubaloo, Big Bad Shadow Man, Raven, Flawed Spirit, Tolan, LichLord, Shawnathan – $183.01
“What Lies Beneath NYC – Fact & Fiction” – David Funke, Big Bad Shadow Man, Barreyi, Kyogen, Lefty Lucy, Nev the Deranged – $93
“The Triforce Mike/Atomic Robo Power Hour” – Phazon_Chaos, Big Bad Shadow Man, Stuart Edney, MuckRaker, Frostproof – $50
“Stop-Motion Animation” – Anti Luke, Big Bad Shadow Man – $28
“80s Cartoons, Their Toylines, & Reboots” Big Bad Shadow Man- $3
“Hanna-Barbera’s Adventure Cartoons” – Big Bad Shadow Man $3
“Mecha” – Big Bad Shadow Man – $3
“Nerdapalooza: Behind the Scenes” – Big Bad Shadow Man – $3

Other Support Drives:
Pitch and Appear in an Upcoming Dungeons & Doritos Episode

Curate Our Next Movie Marathon

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