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Episode /34/ Art Contest

Click for the uncensored NSFW version

Click for the uncensored NSFW version


Thanks for all the submissions, gang!  The results of the contest were announced in Episode 17: Your Wincest is in Another Castle.  Thanks to all our participants your submissions were outstanding.


Episode /34/ Art Contest

Hey kids!  Do you like pop culture?  Yeah!  Do you like porn?  Sure ya do!  So why don’t you mix ’em up into an erotic internet slurry!  Cap says Rule 34 is a new form of pop art, I say it’s just money for the wank bank – who am I?  Who cares!  Stop floggin’ your knob and twiddlin’ your bits and do some goddamn work, there’s prizes at stake!

Need some inspiration?  Have a listen to Episode /34/ to get in the spirit and craft some Rule 34

It could be of anything from pop culture, but YOU have to make it.


Our top 3 entries get a high quality poster print of this episode’s uncensored cover art.

The first place winner also gets Cap’s original 34 art of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy used in the cover image!  Schwing!


If you’re a commissioner who has paid someone else to make 34, then you’re supporting the cause –  go you!  You’re a patron of the arts.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning commissioner and an additional poster will be made available to the artist on request.


Submissions must be created by no more than two artists.  One poster per winning entry will be provided, a second will be made at the artists request with proof of collaboration.

RESTRICTIONS All contest submissions must be original works created for this contest. Submissions found to have been previously existing will be disqualified.

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS Multiple submissions from a single entrant are allowed, BUT only one of the entrant’s submissions will be chosen. Submitting multiple submissions will not increase your chances of winning, so be sure to only submit your best.

HOW LONG IS THIS CONTEST? April 29th-May15th. All entries must be sent in by 11:59pm EST May 15th 2010. Judging will commence immediately thereafter and winners will be announced in a future episode of Nerdy Show.

HOW TO SUBMIT Submit your contest entry to (again, must be received by 11:59pm EST May15th  2010)

Be sure to put “rule 34” in the subject heading so we know what you’re submitting for. In the body of the e-mail tell us your name/handle, what you’ve 34ed, and are encouraged to include any notes that you feel are relevant. Be sure that the e-mail address you send from is your primary address as it’s where we’ll contact you.

LEGAL Nerdy Show reserves the right to host, repost, and distribute any submitted content. Please contact with any legal concerns.

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