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Blackest Night Song Fight

blackest night song fight 300CONTEST STATUS: CLOSED

Thanks for all the submissions, gang!  The results of the contest were posted, and the winners played in Episode 15 of Season 3. Just follow the link to check out all the killer tracks.

Click here for the WINNERS

Epic Fan Music Challenge 1 Blackest Night Song Fight

Musicians of every genre, take heed for a challenge is upon you!

Show your nerd love by crafting a song about a significant force in our collective geekery. You will be asked to pool all your skills and brainpower into creating an original song based on one specific item of fandom – are you up to the challenge? Legendary prizes await.

Each contest is a month long and asks participants to construct unique songs in any style or genre to celebrate their fan-love.

This is the first in an ongoing series of month-long music contests- all with different subjects and way cool prizes. This month’s topic? The outstanding universe-spanning DC Comics event Blackest Night!

Listen to the Nerdy Show gang debut the contest in the episode, “Bring Da Amber Lamps Corps”.

BLACKEST NIGHT FAN SONG CONTEST Blackest Night has been taking the DCU by storm. All across the universe the dead are coming back to life and harvesting the living when their hearts are ripe with emotion. The war of light is upon us and the Green Lanterns are joined by other Lanterns from across the color spectrum, each embodying an emotional force – rage, greed, fear, will, hope, compassion, and love. Only their combined forces can bring light to the darkness and put an end to the enemies of existence, The Black Lanterns.

THE CHALLENGE Compose an original song about some aspect of DC’s Blackest Night. It can be in any genre and any style. There have been a lot of tie-in books to the event, and the plot line has been building up for years now – so needless to say there’s a lot of material and a lot of angles to come at this. Ska, techno remixes, folk rock, death metal, chiptunes, gangsta rap – anything, even an instrumental can work. Listen to the Nerdy Show gang debut the contest in the episode, “Bring Da Amer Lamps Corps” to get some ideas. The possibilities are infinite.

THE RULES All Blackest Night Song Fight entries must be original compositions, and must address the topic of Blackest Night. Tracks should be no longer than 4 minutes and of a quality of at least 128kbps. In your submission e-mail you must state your name/handle, your song title, and are encouraged to include any notes that you feel are relevant. Nerdy Show will judge your track on its overall quality, concept and execution to decide how it stacks up. Contact with any questions.


1st Place: $100 shopping spree on A Comic Shop’s Online Store and the opportunity to kick off Nerdapalooza 2010 by performing YOUR Blackest Night song at the A Comic Shop pre-party (headlined in 2009 by Schaffer the Darklord).

2nd Place: A copy of the Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo Volume 1 Graphic Novel signed by author and Nerdy Show host, Brian Clevinger, an original 1984 Super Powers Hal Jordan action figure from the collection of Aaron Haaland (the artist/writer of Nerdy Strip), a Nerdy Show Amber Lamp Corps shirt and cap, and both the 2008 and 2009 Nerdapalooza albums.

3rd Place: A copy of the currently- ongoing Atomic Robo Volume 4, issue 1 signed by author and Nerdy Show host, Brian Clevinger, the 2008 and 2009 Nerdapalooza posters, and a Nerdy Show Amber Lamp shirt.

Upon announcing the winners, all submissions will be hosted on for listening/ downloading. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners as well as note-worthy runners up will be played during a forthcoming episode of Nerdy Show.

RESTRICTIONS All contest submissions must be original works composed for this contest. Submissions found to have been previously existing will be disqualified. For information on submitting instrumentals and parodies see “The Rules” (above). The grand prize of performing at the Nerdapalooza pre-party entitles the winner to the opportunity open the show. However, travel and equipment are not provided.

MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS Multiple submissions from a single entrant are allowed, BUT only one of the entrant’s submissions will be chosen. Submitting multiple submissions will not increase your chances of winning, so be sure to only submit your best.

HOW LONG IS THIS CONTEST? February 24th – April 3oth. All entries must be sent in by 11:59pm EST April 3oth 2010. Judging will commence immediately thereafter and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

HOW TO SUBMIT Submit your contest entry to (again, must be received by 11:59pm EST April 30th 2010)

Be sure to put “blackest night contest” in the subject heading so we know what you’re submitting for. In the body of the e-mail tell us your name/handle, your song title, and are encouraged to include any notes that you feel are relevant. Be sure that the e-mail address you send from is your primary address as it’s where we’ll contact you.

LEGAL Nerdy Show reserves the right to host and play any submitted content. Please contact with any legal concerns.

POSTER If you’d like, you can print out the 11×14 poster and put it up in your local comic store, record store, or place where comic-loving musicians might hang out.  That would be rad!

blackest night poster v2 sm

Instrumentals are accepted, but the submitter must make clear how the track pertains to the subject by submitting a short proof of concept. Parodies of existing songs are accepted, however, as with all entries, the entrant(s) must have performed his or her own music, and should mention in the submission what he or she has parodied.

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