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The Orphans

  1. An Orphans’ Yule Carol

    A live holiday special recorded at London Podcast Festival Presents Audio Drama!

    Yule comes to the Facility and everyone’s favorite synthetic psychopath, GeoFFRy, is haunted by three spirits.

    This episode is dedicated to our generous and loving friend, Justin Niezrecki.

    Rest in Peace.

    The Orphans‘ Yule Carol stars Beth Eyre, James Barbarossa, Jodie Stedman and Alex Bird and was made possible thanks to our Patrons.

    Early episodes, music and scripts are available on Patreon.


  2. The Orphans: Tales from Collective Space :: Live at PodUK

    There’s a universe of stories in world of The Orphans. Theses are some of them.

    Presenting The Orphans‘ first live show! These three short tales expand our series universe, exploring the wider world and the clones within it. We took our studio production to the stage in front of a live audience at PodUK in Birmingham – February 2nd, 2019. (more…)

  3. The Orphans: Investigation – Cast Interview: James Barbarossa

    The Orphans: Investigation has ended, now go behind the scenes with cast and crew interviews!

    Series creator, Zachary Fortais-Gomm, sits down with James Barbarossa to discuss all things Investigation. From James’ role as Amos Dent, the broken down voice actor behind the GeoFFRy units, to his work as composer for all of the series’ music.

    They also discuss new projects and what you can expect for the future of the series. (more…)

  4. The Orphans: Investigation – Episode VIII: Escapes

    In Investigation, The Orphans‘ Saga shifts its lens to a missing persons case in Wild Space.

    Trapped inside of a private hauling station, Richard an Diana have to get their answers and escape. All the while, forces around them work to end this investigation, even when the truth is so close in reach.

    Listen as this story comes to a close and the future of The Orphans unfolds! (more…)

  5. The Orphans: Investigation – Episode VII: Discoveries

    In Investigation, The Orphans‘ Saga shifts its lens to a missing persons case in Wild Space.

    After escaping a Collective warship, Diana, Axel, and Richard must search through all the information they’ve collected to try and understand where their quarry went after visiting the Coracas System. As the pieces come together, Diana and Nora Evers’ connection crystallizes. (more…)

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