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  1. Season 4 Episode 62 :: Nerdy Show Book Club – More Stories About Sex in the Future

    Nerdy Show Book Club is back and this time with a very special guest! This time around our book of the month was More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer by Casper Kelly, a brilliant collection of short stories.  Casper is a writer for some of Adult Swim’s finest (Aqua Teen, SquidbilliesHarvey Birdman, and more) and we had the pleasure of having him with us for the entire episode. Join Cap, Hex, Colin, Brandon, and special space friend, Casper, as we spiral into madness, consciousness, and one of our best dramatic readings yet! (more…)

  2. Season 4 Episode 59 :: Nerdy Show Book Club – Nothing is Free in Riverworld

    Nerdy Show Book Club returns with a vengeance! We’re hairless, naked, hopped up on dreamgum, and lookin’ to go all Lord of the Flies on ya. This month we read Philip Jose Farmer’s legendary existential historical fiction sci-fi,  To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the fist book in the Riverworld series. It’s like if Allan Quatermain took bath salts and played Myst!

    Join Cap, Hex, Brandon, and Colin on uncanny journey into this and other nerdy literary adventures – including an excerpt from a novelization of another watery world.  A “Waterworld” you might say… Read on! (more…)

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