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  1. Nerdy Show :: 2012 Final Boss – Top 20 Nerdy Things Year-End List!

    Our yearly list returns!  Once more we DARE to throw common sense to the wind and rank the TOP 20 NERDY THINGS of the year.  We compare movies to scientific discovery, music to video games – we rank everything that’s happened by the truest qualifier we know: Nerdiness.

    Join Cap, Hex, Brandon, Colin, and Jon as we reminisce about the hellride that was 2012.  The highs and lows, our favorite happenings, and the biggest fails of the year.  You can jump right ahead and read the list here, or you can check out this episode and find out why and how we came to these insane judgements. (more…)

  2. Season 4 Episode 69 :: Nerdy Show Book Club – Children From the Stars

    Nerdy Show Book Club returns! Join Cap, Brandon, Colin, and newcomer Germaine as we discuss what books we’ve read, and the community read-long book: Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow – a book that runs parallel to his classic, Ender’s Game. It’s the story of a genius street urchin who gets sent to Battleschool to defend humanity.  And since we’re already up there, we pay a visit with another child from space, he’s a real star you might say.

    Tune in for the dramatic reading weirdness you love, as well as a world-premiere: the first chapter of the Nerdy Show-penned Weekend at Bernie’s 3: Night of the Living Bernie read aloud for your pleasure! (more…)

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