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Nerdy Show 2014

  1. Episode 203 :: Holiday Films, Not For the Holidays

    In this Nerdy Show Microsode, we share holiday films that aren’t consumed by Christmas cheer – these films are good any time of the year! Heck, we branch out to other holidays too!

  2. Episode 202 :: The 2014 FINAL BOSS – Top 20 Nerdy Things of the Year!

    It’s our annual list where we rank pop culture, achievements in science, & world happenings against one another in an ultimate test of nerdiness!

  3. Episode 201 :: State of the Empire – The Force Awakens

    State of the Empire has always been about rampant speculation based on the most miniscule of details. With the Episode VII trailer and the leaked production art… Some of our crackpot theories might even be right this time!

  4. Episode 200 :: The Oral History of Video Games – Nerd Celebs Share Their 1st Video Game Experiences

    Take a journey through video game history – from Pong to present! Featuring every host on The Nerdy Show Network and nearly every celebrity guest we’ve had on the show.

  5. Episode 199 :: UHF 25th Anniversary with “Weird Al” Yankovic & Jay Levey

    Weird Al

    Weird Al returns to Nerdy Show! In this episode we celebrate the visual side of Al and the anniversary of his landmark film, UHF. Hear Al and the film’s director, Jay Levey, go behind-the-scenes of this beloved cult classic.

  6. Episode 198 :: Bill Nye The Scientific Skeptic

    bill nye the scientific skeptic

    Whether you grew up watching his show in the 90s, or know him from his no-nonsense interviews, Bill Nye the Science guy is a nerd legend. In this Microsode 2-pack, we drop some science on HIM.

  7. Episode 197 :: Fallout: Tales From the Wasteland

    It’s a fan-requested Microsode! We share stories from our adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, our favorite moments from the series, and more than a few gruesome deaths.

  8. Episode 196 :: The Art of Breaking Games

    It’s a Microsode 2-Pack! We examine games as art (video games and tabletop), and how breaking games can lead to deeper experiences or hilarious misfortune.

  9. Episode 195 :: State of the Empire – Star Wars Rebels Sparks the Rebellion

    The new era for Star Wars begins now! Star Wars Rebels is the first component of the new official cannon. We review the show, dish rumors, and talk news.

  10. Episode 194 :: Community Update :: D&D Q&A, The Microsodapalooza, and More!

    We interrupt your topical nerdy podcasting with an important news bulletin: there’s some crazy-cool stuff happening this week! Learn about our live events the D&D Q&A and Microsodapalooza! Plus we announce a new show!

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