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State of the Empire

  1. Willow Watch :: The Road to Willow 2

    Welcome to Willow Watch! A podcast dedicated to the 1988 Lucasfilm fantasy epic Willow – In which breaking news comes in all sizes, and obsessive fandom is the greatest magic of all.

    Willow Watch has been a reoccurring feature since our Star Wars podcast, State of the the Empire, began in 2012 – when Disney bought Lucasfilm and we first asked: does… that mean there could be more Willow? Over the years we’ve learned that the answer is an emphatic “YES!” Not only do we want it, not only do the cult film’s myriad fans want it, but the stars and the director want it too. Now, just in time for Willow‘s 30th anniversary, director Ron Howard has returned to Lucasfilm with Solo: A Star Wars Story, he’s working again with Warwick Davis, AND he’s admitted that there could be more Willow on the way. THE BONES HAVE SPOKEN!

    In celebration of Willow‘s 30th anniversary and this momentous news, throughout 2018 we’re doing a series of Willow Watch specials. First up, we’re recounting the past 6 years of Willow rumors and discoveries, archiving the best of our Willow Watch segments embedded in State of the Empire. In this episode we’ve chronicled the long road to the hypothetical “Willow 2” – from the tongue-in-cheek speculation to the barrage of legitimate rumors and hearsay that have culminated in this uncanny moment where dreams and fate have intertwined! (more…)

  2. State of the Empire :: Episode 54 :: Solo Early Impressions & Secrets Revealed!

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    The galaxy is a-buzz with news coming from the underground about Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that’s far from all. The Star Wars universe is about to erupt – like a big bang bursting forth countless systems of new stories. In this episode we share proof that the long-awaited Obi-Wan film has entered production, details on when Jon Favreau’s live action TV series will take place, and baffling early plot outlines for Episode IX including throwbacks from The Old Republic and an inexplicable love child. We’re also able to share a spoiler-free Solo review from two Bothan spies who then take us behind the blast doors to reveal it all… including a shocking possible link between Solo, the past, and the future.

    And that’s just Star Wars! In this installment of Willow Watch we share some startling words about the future of Willow straight from Ron Howard. You’re gonna want to stop chewing your blackroot a moment, sit down, and listen to this. (more…)

  3. State of the Empire :: Episode 53 :: Placing Our Bets on Solo: A Star Wars Story

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Solo is almost here and we’re placing bets on where this still very unpredictable story is going to take us. Don’t sweat it, kid – we’ve locked the spoilers behind the blast doors – but we’ve analyzed all the new trailers, merch, and even consulted a Solo-branded Monopoly game to figure out what’s coming next.

    We also discuss some new rumors coming out of Episode IX, dole out “I told you so”s about the new animated series Star Wars Resistance, dig into expanded universe deep cuts bleeding out of the Forces of Destiny web series and the novels, and keep you up to date with the Star Wars comics which are performing amazing feats of shared universe storytelling. (more…)

  4. State of the Empire :: Episode 52 :: Interview Archives: Julian Glover, Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Ben Burtt & More!

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Did you know that, like the films, this podcast also has a prequel era? Before State of the Empire, before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, Cap and co. did a number of interviews with Star Wars personalities. In this episode, we’re dusting off the data cores and revisiting a long time ago, in a podcast far, far away.

    We speak with BOTH Boba Fetts: the original man behind the mask, Jeremy Bulloch, and young Boba, Daniel Logan – discussing Bulloch’s favorite roles outside Star Wars and Logan’s carrying of the Fett mantle beyond the prequel films. The venerable Julian Glover (aka Empire Strikes Back‘s General Veers and Last Crusade‘s Walter Donovan) discusses what might have been after his victory on Hoth. Legendary sound designer, Ben Burtt shares, the secrets of the “black hole”. And last, but definitely not least, we hang out with three of the key players in bringing Jabba the Hutt to life:
    Jabba’s right-hand man, Dave Barclay, his left-hand man, Toby Philpott, and the guy behind the Hutt’s sultry figure and gorgeous eyes – John Coppinger. These revered puppeteers also share stories from working on classics like The Dark Crystal, The Fifth Element, and Little Shop of Horrors. (more…)

  5. State of the Empire :: Episode 51 :: We’ve Got a Good Feeling About This! The Solo Official Trailer & Denny’s Solo Menu

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    There’s a lot to #Solobrate right now. We’ve got a new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and in Denny’s across America, galactic gourmands can treasure the taste of the the inner rim.

    But are these Co-Reactor Pancakes drizzled with as many shocking revelations about the forthcoming film as the juicy new tidbits from the trailer? What even is a “co-reactor”? Surely these edible tributes to the exploits of Han, Chewie, and Lando have some Star Wars secrets smuggled into them. We review Denny’s entire six-course feast du Solo, dissect the latest trailer, and dig deep into the new movie’s marketing and merchandising for character reveals and clues of what’s to come. We’re still braced for disaster, but like Han said, we’ve got a good feeling about this. (more…)

  6. State of the Empire :: Episode 50 :: #ImperialMarch

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Just ask Lord & Miller.

    To celebrate 50 episodes of State of the Empire, Cap went out to L.A. to hang with Matt and storm Lucasfilm for Solo intel. And… well, though we didn’t end up like the Bothan spies, at least they had something to show for themselves. It’s 60 days until we’re strapped in for the latest Star Wars and we’re still flying without a targeting computer.

    But hey – you know when State of the Empire is in town there’s always a party. So we’re celebrating #ImperialMarch by scoping out YOUR picks for the greatest Imps of ’em all. Plus we discover surprising ties between forthcoming novels and the theme park, Galaxy’s Edge, swoop into some deep, classic Star Wars lore in Solo, explore the sordid secrets of the Rancor Giga Pet, and get ready for the impending return of one of the greatest and greenest heroes in the galaxy: Jaxxon. (more…)

  7. State of the Empire :: Episode 49 :: Solo Brand Synergy

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    When it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story intel, we’re still scraping the bottom of the bantha bin. That’s why, in typical State of the Empire fashion, we’re putting our snouts where they don’t belong and rounding up some unusual suspects: advertising partners. Will you quench your 5-0-Thirst in a Solo cup? Can Norton Antivirus commercials clue us into a slicing subplot?

    In considerably more important news, we discuss the surprising announcement that Jon Favreau is helming a new, live action Star Wars streaming series, and behind the spoiler-proof Blast Doors explore the universe-expanding details worth knowing from The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition and the massive waves made in the series finale of Star Wars Rebels.

    What’s the difference between The Living Force, The Unifying Force, and The Cosmic Force? What detail from The Force Awakens did The Last Jedi‘s adaptation retcon? What will Ezra bridge next? You’ll have to go beyond the Blast Doors to find out. And be sure to tell us who your favorite Imperial is this #ImperialMarch! (more…)

  8. State of the Empire :: Episode 48 :: The Future is the Past

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    We’ve often heard that in the Lucasfilm archives nothing goes to waste.

    We knew that Solo‘s story samples from an abandoned plot thread from The Empire Strikes Back, we’d noticed similarities between early drafts and some events from The Last Jedi, but folks it turns out we don’t know the half of it. In digging through an assortment of early scripts we’ve found many more instances where the new films have pulled from George Lucas’ garbage chute and now… we might actually know how Episode 9 ends. Seriously!

    Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as they do dramatic script readings, recount the latest emerging details on Solo: A Star Wars Story, share details and more recycled concepts making their way to the toy aisles, and assemble a conspiracy web that bridges Rebels to details on the forthcoming theme park (Galaxy’s Edge), a newly-trademarked Star Wars property (Resistance), and every era of the saga. Sound too crazy? Well,  Honey-Thrusters, this is State of the Empire – you best get yourself a protocol droid, ’cause crazy’s the only language we speak. (more…)

  9. State of the Empire :: Episode 47 :: A Game of Rebels

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    Rebels ushered in the Disney era of Star Wars and in four seasons has become one of the most beloved corners of the galaxy far, far away. This series has literally and figurative bridged the era of the prequels and the original trilogy, introduced incredible characters who’ve redefined the story of the Rebellion, and expanded the mythos in ways that the new saga could never hope to. Now, the series returns from its mid-season break and in just a few short weeks will end.

    Join Matt and Cap as they recap Rebels season 4 so far and go behind the blast doors as we speculate about both the highly unpredictable outcomes for this series as well as what comes next. Who lives, who dies, whose stories aren’t done yet? That’s not the least of it though – this episode kicks off with us exploring the shocking announcement that A Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be ushering in a new “series” of Star Wars films set during a specific point in the mythology. What in the Rim does that mean and what more have we learned about Solo in the week since the first trailers? We’ve got some answers and so, so many questions. (more…)

  10. State of the Empire :: Episode 46 :: Smuggler’s Bounty: Dissecting the Han Solo Trailers

    State of the Empire is a Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    It’s finally here! After months and months of waiting for a glimpse, a glimmer, a sliver of the hotly-debated Han Solo film: the Solo trailer has arrived! Oh wait, not just “trailer”… “trailers“! Lucasfilm has doubled-down on the under-promoted impending release and with these first looks there’s a lot to unpack.

    Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as we weigh what we’ve seen against the rumors and leaks we’ve been excavating this past year. We attempt to piece together a timeline from the plot-light teaser trailers, look for clues in leaked action figures, and examine possible ties to classic Star Wars continuity. Solo still isn’t a film any of us wanted, but it just might satisfy the cravings we have for that funky, Expanded Universe vibe and the skeezy smuggler weirdness of the outer rim.

    Intercept our compete transmission below, and keep the discussion going over on our Star Wars Spoilers Facebook group! (more…)

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