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  1. Nerdy Show 249 :: Microsode: Nerdy Show Season 1 Retcon

    ep249The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast has been going strong for seven years! That’s right, we’ve been nerdcasting since 2009, and by listener-request we’re about to travel back in time to rewrite the past.

    Join Nerdy Show‘s original team of hosts: Cap, Hex, and Brian, along with the man who accidentally masterminded the whole enterprise, Aaron, as we travel back to the basement college radio station where it all began. We thought we could leave the past buried, but Nerdy Show fan Twomper has requested that we exhume the corpse of our show’s first “season”. The catch? This is a retcon, baby! We’re rebooting the origin story! (more…)

  2. Nerdy Show :: Season 1 Flashback :: 2/11/09

    Celebrating Nerdy Show’s 5th anniversary – it’s a flashback to our first season in 2009! This episode is our earliest recording; pulled from primitive ether by arcane magicks.

  3. SEASON 1 :: Protomen Interview – 6/18/09

    At last!  Galdap has pulled a fragment from Nerdy Show’s lost season from the void – and none too soon!  Just in time for their April 19th performance in Orlando, and subsequent return to Nerdy Show we’re proud to present to you Nerdy Show’s first interview with the Protomen. This interview is an excerpt from […]

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