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  1. Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 124 :: Super Blue-Per Saiyan!

    Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary every other week!

    The Fall 2017 season of anime is upon us, and Wicked Anime  once again sifts through the myriad releases in order to find the gold within the dirtpiles of Japanese animation.

    Join Jonstar, Evan, and Derek as they talk about what’s happening in anime and a really promising season of shows! PLUS – AARP hates micro transactions, Pride Goku, and the Flowers of Shame! (more…)

  2. Nerdy Show Book Club :: Episode 14 :: A Handmade Tail

    From the pages of Nerdy Show – it’s Nerdy Show Book Club! In these literary episodes, we share what we’re currently reading, do dramatic readings from the best and worst nerd literature, talk with notable geek authors, and discuss a book we’ve read along with the community.

    As we brace ourselves for our forthcoming dissection of the disturbingly relevant Handmaid’s Tale, we first divert into greener and more peculiar pastures by talking about the other things we’ve read. Join Cap, Denika, Brandon, and Jess as they unload on a wide expanse of literary explorations. Discover a genre specifically about faeries being dicks, explore the world of video game translation and The Legend of Zelda to a point of fascinating minutia, learn what’s the opposite of Death Note, and gird your loins for the Funky Pickle. (more…)

  3. Lightning Dogs: The Official Paw’dcast :: Episode 25 :: Lightning Dogs: The Movie

    Ride with The Lightning Dogs: canines from another world; stranded on a post-apocalyptic Earth. It’s a crazy idea fueled by our favorite 80s pop culture and we’ve been recording our development of it since the moment lightning struck. Join us on our quest to build this world and launch it as an animated series.

    Many great animated series kick off with a multi-part, feature-length storyline – Ninja Turtles, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Gargoyles… the list goes on. If Lightning Dogs is truly the heir to these awesome pillars of animated action, we must do the same.

    How many episodes would it be? When will the Lightning Dogs meet Glampire? How much of the Wasteland do they see before destroying their way back home? In this episode we solidify the timeline for our Dogs’ multi-part adventure and figure out other key plot points for our hypothetical “season 1”. (more…)

  4. Friday Night Fanfiction :: American Splits

    The drunken fanfiction podcast you’ve been waiting for! Friday Night Fanfiction combines dramatic readings of the worst-of-the-worst NSFW fanfic with drinking games.

    Behold the cosmic horror that is “American Splits” a story by Heisanevilgenius, aka Peter Chimera, aka Tom White who joins the fantastic fivesome in this very episode! We named it right at the start of our show, even, for no apparent reason! Game of Thrones will never be the same again. Following that, we finally get started on our longfic for the season: “My Inner Life” by Link’s Queen. This thing almost predates the internet, people. It was made in the late 90’s as part of someone’s lucid dream experience in the land of Hyrule, complete with Mary-Sue complex and self-insertion. This is gonna hurt real bad. Real bad.

    Drink along with us for the longest author’s note we’ve ever read – so long we only barely get into the sexy on the first episode! HOLD ON TO YA BUTTS.


  5. Flame On :: Episode 162 :: Flame ON! Live at RockBar NYCC 2017

    fo_logo_1400x1400Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture!

    Bryan and Pat are back from New York Comic Con and they’re bringing the awesome directly to you! For the third year, Flame ON! has been a part of the programming leading to NYCC and we were very excited to bring our show to New York for one night only. If you weren’t in New York on October 3rd, here is your chance to relive the fun we had! We did face some technical challenges, so bear with us and the audio, but nevertheless it was a great time! We were pleased to have Brian from SquareBears and Jay from Jay & Mile X-Plain the X-Men as our special guests. Our contestants for the evening included Bill from Comic Book Bears, Chris from Sci-Fi Explosion, RockBar trivia guru Rob, and longtime friend of Flame ON!, Ron! So sit back and be prepared to be transported back to RockBar on Ocbtober 3rd as we are LIVE FROM ROCKBAR!

    All of this and more is waiting for you, so get ready to FLAME ON!


  6. Nerdy Show 297 :: The Orville Vs. Star Trek: Discovery

    The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast unloads on the latest geek news and happenings!

    This season of television you’ve got choices when deciding where to boldly go. Option A: Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville; a Galaxy Quest-style, Roddenberry-fueled sci-fi comedy. Option B: Star Trek: Discovery; a darker slice of Trek set in the new movie continuity. Option C: BOTH?!

    Join Cap, boR, Trench, and Doug as we weigh the pros and cons of both series. The very fact that we have two high-caliber, space-faring shows at once after such a long time without anything Trek-flavored is hitting us with one heck of a displacement wave! We also review Blade Runner 2049, the long-lost SNES title Star Fox 2, and discuss the confusing news surrounding MegaBots, peculiar home archeology, and more! (more…)

  7. State of the Empire :: Episode 37 :: The Last Jedi Trailer – Recap & Insights

    State of the Empire is Nerdy Show’s Star Wars speculation podcast where we “look for news in Alderaan places”.

    The final theatrical trailer for The Last Jedi is here – and we are overwhelmed. Join us as we unpack all that we know… or think we know… about the forthcoming Star Wars sequel. Unlike The Force Awakens, this film still has us grasping at straws for determining story beats and gleaning insight into character arcs. However, between this and the behind-the-scenes featurette, we’re beginning to see the big picture. Rumors have been confirmed and the ominous conflicts between light, dark, and (most importantly) grey sides of The Force have taken shape.

    What’s the F8 of Tr8tor? Who’s the MVP of new cuteness -BB-H8 or the porgs? Will Santa Luke save Christmas? Where does The First Order get all those wonderful toys? We’ve got questions, and in some cases we’ve actually got answers.

    Intercept our compete transmission below, and keep the discussion going over on our Star Wars Spoilers Facebook group! (more…)

  8. The Orphans: Facility – Episode VIII: Suffering

    In this prequel spin-off of The Orphans, we go deeper into the history of the mysterious facility from Season One.

    Baz and Diana narrowly survive their crash only to be captured by Xavier Michael – the clone sent to inspect the facility. As the truth finally comes out, and the consequences hit, all parties find themselves is fighting to survive in the explosive finale to The Orphans: Facility. (more…)

  9. NerdyFM :: Episode 001 :: October 2017

    NerdyFM is the home of geek music from across the globe. Join host Marc With A C for a jam session of the best of geek rock, nerdcore, comedy, VGM, and every niche sub-genre in-between. Featuring tracks from legendary artists alongside up-and-comers – classic songs, new releases, rarities, and exclusives.

    Welcome to NerdyFM… the podcast! Yeah, we used to be a 24/7 streaming station devoted solely to nerdy music, but that chapter has ended and like all good Pokémon, we’ve evolved into a brand new form. We’re now a monthly, movie-length show scientifically engineered to quench your geeky music thirst. A block of tracks with intermittent DJing – just like the radio! In this inaugural episode, Marc plays for you a smattering of some of new songs the station wasn’t able to add to rotation before the plug was pulled. As a bonus to all these rad tracks, thrill as Marc pronounces a slew of words incorrectly. Schadenfreude FTW! (more…)

  10. Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 123 :: Saiko Psychos

    Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary every other week!

    Another season of anime gone and another is one the way! This episode, Wicked Anime previews the upcoming Fall 2017 season of anime and all of the shows they’ll be watching. The outlook is more hopeful than last season. We also take some time to spotlight the life of Japanese Idol groups and their not-so-glamorous lifestyles behind the stage. And by “spotlight,” we mean spin wildly out of control with tangent stories and off-topic discussion!

    Join Jonstar and Evan as they talk about what’s happening in anime and the Fall 2017 season of anime! PLUS – Waifu advice for a penguin, girlfriends or therapy, and midget knights! (more…)

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