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  1. VIDEO PREMIERE :: Chamber Band’s “In the Colosseum”

    The Nerdy Show Network is proud to premiere a brand new video from Chamber Band!

    Last month, the nerdy art rockers unveiled their sophomore album, Careers, and subsequently rocked our world with twelve tracks of heartrending adventure. But that wasn’t enough – the fans wanted BLOOD. Well, now you have it. In the video for their cover of Tom Waits’ “In the Colosseum” the band take on the roles of Snub Hub assassins and do the dirty work of a bullied young man with vengeance on his mind. Chamber Band does triple duty portraying not just the killers but also the hipster jocks and latte-swilling yuppies that just wanna keep a young man down. (more…)

  2. [Video] boR Unboxes: Steam Controller

    Curious about the new Steam Controller? Nerdy Show has answers! What’s in the box, mouthfeel, and more! Be sure to subscribe to our new (and final) Nerdy Show YouTube channel! It’ll help our videos get more attention, AND you’ll get notified when we post new content!

  3. VIDEO: Nerdy Show vs. Doctor Who

    Join Nerdy Show live in the studio as resident Whovians Nina, Tony, and Flame On!‘s Bryan go head-to-head with Cap, Doug, and Briggs who’ve got beef with the beloved show. Whether you’re a longtime fan or have kept a safe distance – this episode should get you riled up. This Doctor Who debate gives you a ringside seat for fight that pulls no punches, and even hosts on the same side aren’t safe from each other. We not only deconstruct Who, but fandom at large: When does it go too far? What makes fans come back for more? (more…)

  4. Sketchalings Draws: Dungeons & Doritos – Run Away!

    Go behind the scenes with The Nerdy Show Network’s resident art monkey, Tony Baldini. He’s your drawfriend with a heart of gold and a silver nib. In his Sketchalings series you’ll see him do his art thing in speedy time-lapse!

    Yes, there’s a new episode of Dungeons & Doritos and I’ve done the art for it! The whole shebang has been recorded for your enjoyment. Multiple hours, compressed TWO THOUSAND TIMES, along with some buffoonery. (more…)

  5. VIDEO: Nerdy Show vs. DC TV

    Join Nerdy Show live in the studio as we talk about DC TV: a.k.a. the one thing the comics publisher most often gets right. DC has made an empire for themselves on the small screen, from Arrow and The Flash to the forthcoming Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Hang out with Nerdy Show hosts Cap and Tony with Flame On!‘s Bryan and Derpy Show‘s boR  as we discuss the successes and failings of DC’s TV shows and how the films are adversely affecting their TV counterparts. (more…)

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