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  1. A Comic Show :: 11.10.10

    Did you know Brian got in a twitter war with a shitty comic store?  You can read about it all on Bleeding Cool.  I bet you can guess who came out on top.  Obviously, I was upset someone was coming on top who isn’t me so of course I got on top and…  POINT IS: […]

  2. A Comic Show :: 11.3.10

    Derrrrp. I forgot to post this! Now it’s late. Comics came out yesterday! Oh well, if you haven’t gotten yours yet here’s your incentive to. There was some great stuff out this week including a new Firefly/Serenity graphic novel about Shepherd Book – CRAZY!  So watch this and hear Aaron and I talk about the […]

  3. A Comic Show :: 10.27.10

    There’s some killer TOP COMICS this week, but only one of those top comics is a direct-to-graphic novel Superman story.  YES, this IS IT!  The greatest Superman story… (maybe ever?!) is HERE. SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE. Aaron and I liked it so much we got the artist of the book to come to the store for […]

  4. A Comic Show :: 10.20.10

    Aaron and I are going nuts over how much Ass DC is Kicking. The solicits are out $2.99 comics are on there way and here to stay. In the meantime, it’s another great week in comics and a killer week for Detective Comics Comics! Also, Kick-Ass 2 – taste the awesome balls and check these […]

  5. A Comic Show :: 10.13.10

    Hot-damn.  There’s some crazy good comics this week, just take a look at the TOP COMICS list.  Aaron is IN Untold Tales of Blackest Night he’s one of the souls trapped inside Ragman! You read the script in Blackest Night Director’s Cut, now see the actual scene!  It’s cool as hell. Look, I’d rattle on […]

  6. A Comic Show :: 10.6.10

    There’s some CRAZY GOOD comics out this week.  These TOP COMICS will blow your head off with a shotgun of awesome! There’s a new X-Force book by Rick Remender that’s got all the coolest, most hardcore X-team ever assembled (DEADPOOL’S ON IT), ol’ DP is also getting the MAX treatment and to celebrate, Bob is […]

  7. A Comic Show :: 9.29.10

    Yo dawgs, just ’cause it’s a light week for comics doesn’t mean that wees don’ts gots some TOP COMICS!  We talk about the big news with Crossed, the comic book awesome with the new G.I. Joe books, and other cool stuff!  We’ve added two new segments to A Comic Show: RANDOM AWESOME where we highlight […]

  8. A Comic Show :: 9.22.10

    Tomorrow’s new comic book day – you guys need to prep! So minimize the sexy tabs for a second and watch Aaron and I talk about this TOP COMICS!  Did you know that A Comic Shop is the only comic shop open ’til midnight Friday and Saturday!? It might not be true, but we said […]

  9. A Comic Show :: 9.15.10

    Aw yeah! Aaron and I talk about this TOP COMICS.  Aaron threw a birthday bash at the all-new Geek Easy at A Comic Shop, a place where you can hang out with your friends and get a reacharound… a Halo: Racharound!  We got video, it’s hot. This week all kinds of amazing stuff comes out. […]

  10. A Comic Show :: 9.9.10

    Aaron and I talk about this week’s best new comics – but we don’t have any of ’em to show you ’cause Diamond Distributors takes off every freakin’ holiday and delays new comic book day.  Know what that means?  New comic day is on Thursday this week.  That sucks! What assholes! That said, there’s some […]

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