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  1. A Comic Show 4.26.11

    SUPER-DINOSAUR IS AWESOME! WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS IS AWESOME! SHIELD IS AWESOME! You are super lame. Triforce Mike’s Formspring? International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Facebook.

  2. A Comic Show 4.13.11

    Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there? Who watches these? It’s so cold and dark out there. This is where FLASHPOINT starts, or the prelude to the start. It’s comic books! It’s awesome stuff! Watch this video, it’s full of awesome. Ask me a question on myFormspring? I answer them all, except that sexy spambot telling […]

  3. A Comic Show 4.6.11

    BRIGHTEST DAY was bonkers! Aaron was right! That jerk. Well, at least it’s the coolest thing they could of possibly done. Fear Itself was awesome. I love comic books. They are the best ever. READ THIS JUNK AND LOVE IT! AND LOVE ME WITH QUESTIONS IN MY LOVE-HOLE ON Formspring! International viewers unable to use […]

  4. A Comic Show 3.30.11

    Megacon was insane and now Aaron is dying but Mike is still awesome and so is Geoff Johns. Emerald Warriors is badass. War of the Green Lanterns is incredible, and you should read it or Guy Gardener will punch you in the face. I’m looking for love in all the wrong places, any takers onFormspring? […]

  5. A Comic Show 3.23.11

    Aaron, is a jerk, and went to c2e2, and hung out with all these cool people, and I just worked and it’s not fair. I’m so jealous. Well at least my Pokémon love me, they’ll never leave me to goto some con in Chicago. But I digress, and also undress, today we talk about FF […]

  6. A Comic Show 3.9.11

    Now hear this: Eddie Brock is a shitty character!  It’s freaking true!  So screw that guy and welcome in Flash Thompson, Rick Remender, and Tony Moore.  If you liked Venom before, you’ll love Venom now and if you love Venom now, I might consider respecting you. Dungeons and Doritos even TODAY! At the Geek Easy! […]

  7. A Comic Show 3.2.11

    A very Boosterific episode of A Comic Show, Booster and Mike talk about stupid stuff, and also comic books. You like comic books right? They’re awesome. There’s some Green Lantern, some Batman Beyond, and even a little Deadpool. Stop playing Marvel vs Capcom and read a damn book. Why do you hate me? Ask me […]

  8. A Comic Show 2.23.11

    It’s that time of the week again. Comic book news! Aaron and I dishin out the good stuff. We’re like your dealers, but instead of drugs we give you comic news. Like a suppository that gets you totally wasted. Then you swim in the toilet and have one of those Trainspotting moments, with a dead […]

  9. A Comic Show 2.16.11

    CRESCENDO! See how many times Aaron says crescendo! Take a drink! We talk about all the CRESCENDO’s this week in Brightest Day, Green Lantern, and GLC! But the best thing this week is MORNING GLORIES! Seriously this book is Lost with jailbait. That’s freakin hot… because it’s fictional, in no way is real jailbait hot, […]

  10. A Comic Show 2.2.11

    OI! BUMBACLOT! Get in here and learn yo damn self some comics! Last week’s HEAVY FLOW has passed, and now there is just some light spotting (lolperiodjoke)! Aaron and I goof off as usual, and just basically dick around. Brightest Day kicks ass, and Aaron schools me on how the new Aqualad is Aquaman’s cousin, […]

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