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  1. Hands-On: Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Brings the Crazy

    Disgaea plots are notoriously similar: a big, evil, scary demon comes to power with a million-man army and devastates multiple Netherworlds. The overlords of these worlds subsequently rise up to take their revenge. Been there, done that; if you’ve played one Disgaea game you’ve played them all.


    What sets the series apart is it’s fully self-aware of its cheesiness. The characters flaunt their ridiculousness to the Nth degree, like the demon king of the Rabbit Underworld and the daughter of the Gorgeous Underworld. And let us not forget the main character, Killian, pronounce “kill ya” (or is it “killa’)? Regardless, the game knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else.

    So while Disgaea 5 might be more of the same in terms of level grinding for characters and items, customizable options, and hidden secrets that will take hundreds of hours to unlock – the gameplay is where the real crazy shit happens.


  2. Dark Souls III: New Ways to Die With Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki

    Dark Souls 3Dark Souls III was heavily promoted at this year’s E3, but its showing got the closed door treatment. Lucky us, because these special screenings were presided over by the game’s mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki himself. With the help of his translator, he carefully guided us through some of the grand new world he’s created.

    This is the first Dark Souls game to be created specifically for next gen systems and you can tell the difference straight away. In Dark Souls III, the end times have arrived and the series’ primary antagonist, the Lord of Cinders presides over a realm of even greater ruin and grim beauty.  (more…)

  3. EXCLUSIVE: Hands-On with Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

    Ice Kingdom Ext 1

    You’ve never seen the Land of Ooo like this! Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations brings the beloved cartoon series into full 3D for the first time and does it in a truly unique visual style. But the firsts don’t stop there – this is the series’ first mystery adventure game and the first time the entire voice cast has been assembled for a game. Publisher Little Orbit invited us to dive into the mystery in an exclusive hands-on. This is what we discovered. (more…)

  4. Star Fox Zero Hands-On and In-Depth at E3

    star fox zeroThe return of Star Fox has been a long time coming. Now Fox, Slippy, Falco, and Peppy are back in action and their Arwing fighters have even more awesome abilities to fight back Andross’ forces. The WiiU title, Star Fox Zero, comes out holiday this year and brings with it both classic Star Fox gameplay as well as a complex spin on playstyle that challenges and rewards. But does this old crew of anthro aces have what it takes to stand alongside modern games? (more…)

  5. Mighty No. 9 Hands-On at E3

    mighty no 9In case you’ve been cryogenically frozen for a few years, Mighty No. 9 is the fan-funded Kickstarter brainchild of Keiji Inafune. You know, the guy responsible for all the greatest classic Mega Man games. After kicking Capcom to the curb, he decided to make his own Mega Man-style game the way he wanted it. The game’s funding was a record-breaking success and now, two years later, it’s a reality. We’ve played it, fellow Beckers, and it’s awesome.  (more…)

  6. No Man’s Sky, Quite Literally

    If you’re anything like me, and I pray to all things unholy that you are not, then you’ve been waiting for the crazy, fun, exploration game No Man’s Sky. Well, you’ll have to keep waiting because game studio Hello Games didn’t tell us a release date other than “soon”. The good news however, is that they showcased plenty of cool new features at the Sony E3 conference. (more…)

  7. Microsoft Unveils Boss-Level Controller at E3 2015

    xboxeliteMicrosoft unveiled a lot at their E3 2015 press conference. But the thing everyone is talking about isn’t HoloLens…it’s a new controller, dubbed the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

    You might be surprised. You might be thinking that it looks exactly like Microsoft’s current wireless controllers. You might also be thinking that the name is quite a mouthful. And you’d be mostly right. But the part that has us gamers excited is the seemingly infinite customization options in both hardware and software. And as the controller will work with Windows 10 and the Xbox One, this could easily become your preferred controller. (more…)

  8. Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Actually a Remake?

    Final Fantasy VII is coming back. When the trailer debuted during today’s Sony E3 conference, I went ape tits. Heck, I got goosebumps and pigeon nipples. But with all the amazing visuals something felt… off. The game might be calling itself “Final Fantasy VII Remake“, but the narrative and visuals imply something else, maybe something more. The events of FF7 are spoken of as though they’ve already happened and mention known events after the game. (more…)

  9. Be A Complete Dick in Tom Clancy’s The Division

    the division

    Ubisoft has shown Tom Clancy’s The Division the past couple years at E3. Each time the game’s featured a ton of promise, but constantly looming is the ever-present threat of Ubisoft selling a total lie as to the quality and content of the game. For that reason alone, I could care less about the title unless the company manages to make good on what they’ve shown. But dammit, they caught my eye again this year with a truly amazing feature: The ability to pull off dick moves. (more…)

  10. For Honor is the Gladiatorial Combat Game You’ve Been Waiting For

    for honor

    Ubisoft brings the warfare of yore like you’ve never seen it before. Become a samurai, viking, or knight and hack and slash your way through history.

    The game was revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 conference and offers massive scale medieval combat that defies historical context in favor of sheer awesomeness. We see knights fighting samurai, vikings fighting knights – pandemonium. What they’ve shown so far is large-scale battles reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors style-games, with both AI soldiers and real players on each side. You’ll hack and slash through the lesser enemies to control the tide of battle, but the real heart of this game is when you run into an actual player on an opposing side. Combat styles differ between factions, and so does the outcome depending on your skill level. (more…)

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