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  1. Exploding Kittens’ Success is Great for Tabletop

    Unless you were living in a kitten-proof bomb shelter last month, you know that Kickstarter –ahem– EXPLODED when The Oatmeal launched their latest crowdfunding endeavor alongside former XBOX creatives Elan Lee and Shane Small:

    Exploding Kittens had a meager goal of $10,000 and blew past that in less than an hour. In 7 hours, they broke $1 million. Four days later, they became the most funded tabletop game in Kickstarter history. On their final day, they tipped over the Ouya’s previous record as the most funded campaign in the game category, settling at $8.7 million dollars. The only two projects that have ever raised more money on Kickstarter are the Coolest Cooler and the Pebble.


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