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  1. YEAR-END LIST: The Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2015

    top 20 nerdy things 2015 700

    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting all year for: your friends at Nerdy Show have once more completed the impossible (and some argue unnecessary) task of ranking the top 20 nerdiest things of the year.

    Our list heralds from all facets of society: from science to game shows and pop culture to technology. We’ve run the gamut, collected a host of nerdy topics, and ranked them on a completely arbitrary and unscientific scale (save for the Google Sheets wizardry Jess cast to tally everyone’s votes). It’s always a heatedly debated list, but this year there is one glaring omission you’re sure to notice: The Force Awakens. The Star Wars frenzy is in full effect, pushing global nerd energies to ice cap melting extremes. In this case, that’s a good thing – but we felt it fair to omit the biggest player on the board so the rest could have a chance to shine. (more…)

  2. YEAR-END LIST: The Top Nerdy Things of 2015 – Superlatives

    top 20 nerdy things 2015 superlatives

    Every year the Nerdy Show crew mash our collective heads together to figure out the Top 20 Nerdy Things of the Year. Competition is always fierce and divisive. When you’re dealing with as subjective a quantifier as “nerdiness” things just don’t stack the same as your average “best of” lists. That why this year we’ve foregone the usual Honorable Mentions and created a series of superlatives to give due recognition to the more specific notes of nerd awesomeness that rocked us in the wily year of 2015. (more…)

  3. The State of the Empire – Star Wars Coloring Contest

    state of the empire coloring contest adThe Force has Awakened and with it the inner child of every adult the world over. Only fitting that this would synch up with the rising craze of “adult coloring books”. Nerdy Show and our Star Wars speculation podcast, State of the Empire, want you to harness your dormant colorizing skills and use them for good. …In a blood-thirsty coloring contest.
    The Force has Awakened and with it the inner child of every adult the world over. Only fitting that this would synch up with the rising craze of “adult coloring books”. Nerdy Show and our Star Wars speculation podcast, State of the Empire, want you to harness your dormant colorizing skills and use them for good. …In a blood-thirsty coloring contest.

    Bring our episode art to life and you could win fabulous Star Wars prizes! Don’t let a thing like age keep you from exploring the joys of bringing a picture to life with color. After all, comic book colorists work that magic every day. Just download the art below and GET COLORING! (more…)

  4. Awesome Nerdy Gift Guide :: 2015 Edition


    This holidays are upon us once more, and the quest is on again: scouring the depths of the interwebs for that one perfect gift. To help cut through the holiday crazy, your friends at Nerdy Show are here once again with our annual Awesome Nerdy Gift Guide. With gift ideas for nerds of all flavors, you’re sure to find something for anyone on your list. As always, purchases made via our Amazon links gives a little back to the Nerdy Show Network, at no extra cost to you! These gifts keep on giving. (more…)

  5. T-Shirts From The Nerdy Show Network!

    shirt banner v2

    It’s been a while since we’ve debuted new t-shirts here on Nerdy Show – years in fact! Well, we’re making up for lost time. How does nine new shirts sound?

    Yes, fight off the cold and pesky crumbs in style! With these snazzy t-shirts you can rep your favorite podcasts while rocking amazing artwork, a slick logo, or a cool in-joke for folks in the know. How are we able to launch so many new shirts? Our old pals at Amazon launched a new program called Merch that offers super high-quality shirts printed on demand and sent directly to you. We were skeptical, but we checked them out and the quality of these prints is astounding.

    So what’s new? We’ve got our geek amalgam Nerdy Show Network logo, two Friday Night Fanfiction designs, No Fangs, Lightning Dogs, shirts for every party member of Dungeons & Doritos with new art by Tony as well as his art from the episode “Run Away”, and an old school design Tony and Mike cooked up for PikaThor of the mighty Pokévengers! Plus for the first time ever we’re able to offer fem-cut shirts in addition to the unisex tees. Youth shirts too (it’s not advisable to let your kids listen to D&D). Check out all the new designs below or head to our new shirt page for the ever-growing catalog. (more…)

  6. FAN ART: Game of Thrones Style House Sigils for Nerdy Show

    Simon Newell GoTLongtime contributor to Nerdy Show Network fan art, Simon “HeavyDevil” Newell, recently unleashed an amazing collection of themed fan art for Dungeons & Doritos, Lightning Dogs, Friday Night Fanfiction, Ghostbusters: Resurrection, and Pokéballs of Steelix.

    These 10 pieces are in the style of Game of Thrones houses, featuring original sigils and house mottos, and are all created and designed by Newell.

    Check them out, below! (more…)

  7. NEW PODCAST SERIES & MORE! Introducing the Dramatic Series, Liberty: Critical Research, and Nerdy Show Theatre

    Horizontal Liberty new show

    We’re pleased to announce the debut of a new series on The Nerdy Show Network: Liberty: Critical Research. This sci-fi audio drama marks the debut of the first scripted series on Nerdy Show and will join our fan-favorite RPG series and other narrative adventures in our new feed Nerdy Show Theatre!

    Liberty: Critical Research comes from the minds of Kaitlin Statz and Travis Vengroff and is set within the universe of upcoming sci-fi comic book series, Liberty. It features cinematic storytelling with a full voice cast that includes the creative duo Careless Juja and many others. Join civilian scientist Dr. Kovski on a dangerous expedition into a deadly expanse known as the Fringe. (more…)

  8. Take the Nerdy Show Network Survey!

    SurveyWe need your feedback!

    Whether you listen to all of our podcasts, some of our podcasts, Nerdy.FM, read our articles, watch our videos, or have any kind of opinion on something we do – we want to make sure that your Nerdy Show Network experience is the absolute best.  That’s why we’ve made a survey so you can let us know what you like the most, what you like the least, how you connect with our content, and if we’re lucky, how to evolve Nerdy Show into the Charizard of nerd entertainment networks, forever and ever. (more…)

  9. VOTE NERDY SHOW! Help Us Get a 100k Grant

    nerdy show grant

    Help us Nerdy Show fandom, you’re our only hope.

    Okay, so maybe we’re not in a life-or-death struggle with a galactic empire, but as a grassroots, listener-supported nerd network… we need all the help we can get. And all we need is the click of a button.

    Mission Mainstreet and Chase bank are awarding $100,000 grants to small businesses. We’ve submitted our application, but to qualify we need votes – at least 250.

    UPDATE: Thanks to our amazing fans we’ve surpassed the 250 vote mark! We’ll hear the results in September.

    UPDATE 9/17/15: It’s official, we didn’t get the grant. Congratulations to all the recipients. If you know anyone interested in investing in a nerdy podcast network, you know who to call. (Hint: Nerdy Show)



  10. Wicked Anime LIVE! :: Hardcore Anime at The Geek Easy


    Join the cast of Wicked Anime for a night of the GORIEST and most VIOLENT anime and Japanese film you’ve ever seen!

    This ain’t your Pokymans! This is Wicked Anime‘s beloved 18+ panel that has packed the house at Anime Boston and now those bad boys are bringing it to Orlando at A Comic Shop’s Geek Easy on Saturday, June 27th. While your eyes feast upon the most intense visuals Japan has to offer, we’ll be bringing you the best, most absurd anime commentary we know how. You might even learn something! How many organs can YOU name? (more…)

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