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  1. Camp Fangamer is Back! The Most Uncanny Gaming Convention in Existence Returns This Summer

    Photo by Ann Kornuta and Luke Schirmer

    Photo by Ann Kornuta/Luke Schirmer

    Last summer over 400 dedicated fans of EarthBound came together at Camp Fangamer to celebrate their passion for the beloved cult Nintendo game. It was an unprecedented event: part con, part alternate-reality game.  We chronicled the whole shebang in the comprehensive article EarthBound Comes to Life” and named it the geekiest event of 2015 in our annual Top 20 Nerdy Things list. The whole experience was so unique, many had doubts if there would ever be another. Fortunately, PSI Thunder Beta strikes twice.

    This summer, camp is back in session for another weekend of joy and oddities – Tucson, Arizona July 29th-31st. (more…)

  2. Ronald Weasley: Divorcé and Tinder Failure


    Most times, celebrity answers to the maligned, “where would your character be today” question are terribly boring. But not one Rupert Grint, actor who portrayed Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter movie franchise. (more…)

  3. EarthBound Comes to Life: This Was Camp Fangamer 2015

    earthbound camp fangamer feat v2This summer, the EarthBound fandom gathered in person for the first time and went on an incredible journey.

    It was a heartfelt reunion; they had shared the same trials and tribulations, fought the same battles – real and virtual, though they’d never met. It’s a sentiment many online communities can relate to, but never before has there been a gathering like Camp Fangamer.

    Easily the most unconventional convention gaming has ever seen; over 400 fans converged from all over the world to Tucson, Arizona where an unassuming local Hilton was transformed into a little slice of Eagleland. There, fans went on a summer camp adventure, participated in the craziest game show in the Eastern hemisphere, made and met up with lifelong friends, and took down a sinister corporation. It’s as startling and beautiful as it sounds.

    Here you’ll find the full story of this uncanny event – a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as truly strange and captivating as EarthBound itself. (more…)

  4. Star Wars Celebration 2015: Full Report

    star wars celebration anaheim

    Nerdy Show‘s coverage of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is brought to you by Consequence of Sound – if there’s a bright center to the Internet, it’s the music and film site it’s closest to. This article has been dual published on our respective sites.

    Star Wars Celebration Anaheim…

    You will never find a more devoted flock of fans and family.

    “Family” is a loaded word, but one that proved omnipresent throughout the four-day Star Wars event. At the Anaheim Convention Center, over 150,000 fans united in their love for a galaxy far, far away. Stars and creatives presided over a weekend of shocking media reveals, insightful panels, and fan events.

    This wasn’t my first trench run with Celebration. I’d attended the 2010 Orlando event, but it was nothing like this. The schism between prequel apologists and original trilogy truthers was mended, attendance had quintupled, and genuine excitement crackled in the air for creators and fans alike. It can’t be overstated: Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney changed everything. (more…)

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