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Comic Bento Giveaway

comic bento giveaway

The Nerdy Show Network needs your help! It used to be that your only reward for rating and reviewing us on iTunes would be good feelings and the chance we might read your review on our shows, but now four lucky fans will get a big ol’ box of comic courtesy of Comic Bento!

Comic Bento is a subscription service where you’re sent a themed set of comics every month – quality stuff from big publishers and indies alike. We did a paid promotion with them a couple months back (listen to the episode for a discount code) and now they’ve sent us several boxes to give away to you fine folks.


Congratulations to Cerebral Paladin, Nathaniel Kraft, Chronotyrant, Udabac!

The Giveaway


Break out your best, funniest, weirdest, most heartfelt review on any of our iTunes feeds. Points for cleverness, gripping testimony, whatever you’ve got. Dazzle us and we’ll send you some comics! We’ve got a full list of all our feeds and how to rate and review right here. We’ll pick our four favorites and you cool and clever folks will have some choice reading material. To enter all you have to do is leave your review and send us an e-mail letting us know you’ve entered.

What’s in the box? We unboxed one of the boxes on Nerdy Show! Watch it below at 01:03:30.

Will all these boxes be from the Cloak and Dagger set? WE HAVE NO IDEA! It’s a mystery for you to solve. Curious what else Comic Bento collections have to offer? Scope out this testimonial from Nerdy Show fan, tehmsu.

Rules and How to Enter


Due Date

All entries must be received by April 15th, 2016 at 11:59am EST. Winners will be announced on an episode of Nerdy Show.

What’s Going to Win?

The funniest, coolest, most-heartfelt, clever reviews. Doesn’t have to be all those things at once. Just make it awesome. (BTW if you see a review you like, give it a boost by clicking to tell iTunes it was helpful).

Who Can Enter and How Many Times Can I Enter?

Anyone over 18 years old can enter. You can submit multiple entries (once per show please) but can only win once. You may submit older entries as far back as January 1st 2016. We can only afford to ship within the United States so domestic entries only please. (Sorry.) We’ll still be reading our favorite posts on Nerdy Show, regardless of the contest.

How to Submit Your Entry

Email with the heading “Comic Bento Giveaway” and…

  • The title of your iTunes review and which feed it was submitted to (ex: Nerdy Show Theatre, Flame On! etc.)
  • Your name and/or handle (What we’ll call you if you win)
  • Your mailing address (optional at first, but will be required for you to send us if you’re a winner)


Any submissions found to be fraudulent or not meeting the requirements of an official submission will be disqualified. Nerdy Show reserves the right to repost or redistribute any content submitted to contest. Questions or comments, e-mail

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