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RPG From Scratch :: Design Episode 63 :: Iconics

Posted by LaForge on October 24, 2022

Ever wanted to create your own tabletop RPG? Join the Homebrew Hombres on a D.I.Y. docu-quest for tabletop roleplaying perfection as they design, test, and rebalance their own RPG From Scratch!

The Hombres get back in the lab to tackle Step 6 Radiance, really giving them glowy bois the blasting power they need to match their dazzling personalities. Also, we discuss the utility of premade characters for beta testing and create a diverse dais of roguish roustabouts.

We are launching McGarrgl’s Compendium of Wondrous and Wacky Items, a codex of user-submitted items for the world of Urd! All listeners can document the items they find via the Unique Item Submission Form.

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All music by Tony Oriza

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