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Flame On :: Episode 276 :: The League of Disney Dread

Posted by Bryan on November 19, 2021

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture.

What’s that sound? Is that an E.M.M.I creeping around the corner? Don’t let the dread set in just yet, because Baymax is here to help make sure you feel better. Well at least until you watch THAT episode of Arcane that is. Just roll yourself into a morph ball and get ready to dish!

It’s almost Thanksgiving dear listeners, and the boys of Flame ON! are back to gobble gobble their way through the month in pop culture – and they ain’t just talking turkey! After an intro where they discuss how many Jeremy Bearimy’s have transpired since their last meeting, they dive into the treasure trove of topics on the docket. First topic of conversation is Arcane: League of Legends, the new anime airing in three installments on Netflix. Do you need to know the game to enjoy the anime? Should you refill your prescription of Xanax before watching? Find out as Erik dives into his topic! Next up we’re playing video games with Pat as he tackles the most difficult Metroid game in the series, Metroid Dread, and boy did they get the dread part right! Whether it’s battling the E.M.M.Is or facing off against Kraid, this is one game that will keep you on your toes! After a quick break for station identification, BeeJay tackles ALL of the major news that was released as part of Disney+ Day including Baymax, the live action Rescue Rangers, Agatha: House of Harkness, and the one show no one saw coming – X-Men ’97! From there the boys cap off their conversation with the things that are giving them life this month – their 1-UPs!

Sit back and get ready to FLAME ON!



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