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Flame On :: Episode 223 :: Drag Is The New Spandex: Catching Up With Ginger Minj

Posted by Bryan on April 12, 2019

Flame ON! is the all-gay, all-geek podcast. Tune in as we dish on the latest in pop and queer culture! And in our Drag Is The New Spandex specials we meet the geeks behind the glitz and glamour of the drag queen circuit.

Did you think Ginger Minj didn’t have opinions on the past four seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Well before she served the tea on season 11, she had plenty to say about Seasons 9 & 10 as well as All Stars 3 & 4!

With so much Drag Race on the television, and a busy touring schedule, Ginger Minj hasn’t had much time to come in and dish the dirt and spill the tea about the previous seasons. Ginger decided that there were prior highlights that needed to be talked about and decided to share her feeling with all of you! So sit back with a nice cup of tea and get ready to relive the highlights of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Grab your wig and heels, ’cause we’re bringing you another fabulous episode of Drag is the New Spandex

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