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The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program :: Episode 2 :: X Marks the Spot

Posted by NerdyShow on November 7, 2018

The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program is live tabletop roleplaying turned into a 1930s radio serial. A cinematic audio drama wrought with unknowable horror and black comedy.

Estelle Thorpe, a wealthy seeker of occult secrets, has unearthed a mystery and assembled an unlikely crew of curiosity-bound compatriots to solve it. The quandary? An auction win of unusual items including an account a of a missing boy in the town of Essex and a map pointing to the woods in the West.

While Ms. Thorpe follows a lead to Miskatonic University, her assistant Anjana, escorts war-worn mountain man, turned celebrated author, Moses Cubbenfield and self-styled “Hobo King” Oswald Sinclair to the place where X marks the spot.

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  1. Arkham Dusk
  2. Horror Gives Chase
  3. Ebbing Shadows
  4. From Black Recesses
  5. Glistening Shambler [Sax Version]



Written & Performed by:
Luke Stram – The Keeper
Cap Blackard | boR | Nicky Holland | Joshua LaForge | John Sebastian LaValle

Cast (In Order of Appearance):
Cap Blackard as The Narrator/ The Announcer
Joshua LaForge as Moses Ruben Cubbenfield
Melody Perera as Anjana Ramakrishnan
John Sebastian LaValle as Oswald Sinclair
Cap Blackard as Gek
Luke Stram as The Hobo

Musical Spotlight: Cut the Body Loose by Astronautalis

Original Score: Ryan McQuinn and Mike McQuinn
Neon Dolphin

Sound Design: Colin Peterson

Editing: Colin Peterson & Cap Blackard

Story Editing: Cap Blackard


Supplemental Materials:


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