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NerdyFM :: Episode 003 :: December 2017 – Nerdapalooza 10th Anniversary Part 1

Posted by MarcWithaC on December 19, 2017

NerdyFM is the home of geek music from across the globe. Join host Marc With A C for a jam session of the best of geek rock, nerdcore, comedy, VGM, and every niche sub-genre in-between. Featuring tracks from legendary artists alongside up-and-comers – classic songs, new releases, rarities, and exclusives.

Let’s face it, nerdy music would hardly exist if it weren’t for nostalgia. So let’s get nostalgic this episode – because it’s been 10 years since the first Nerdapalooza!

In this episode, Marc With a C talks to the face of Nerdapalooza, John “Hex” Carter, about one of the most important milestones in the history of the nerd music genre. Yes, this beloved music festival is now old enough to look back on. Time just flies by doesn’t it? I They look back on the formative years of the earliest fests bearing this hallowed name, while we traipse through some of those early tunes from those bygone days – sandwiched by a couple of new nerdy jams for good measure!

Check out part 2 of our Nerdapalooza series with the voices of people who made Nerdapalooza 2007 possible: Rob Tobias and Magitek!

Please note: The views and history recounted by John “Hex” Carter are his opinions and recollections alone. They do not reflect the views of The Nerdy Show Network, Marc With A C, or the opinions of others involved in the production of Nerdapalooza.

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  1. Schaffer, Riley and The Double Ice Backfire :: My Personal Relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who I Probably Made Up
  2. Allie Goertz :: Weezer Fan
  3. MC Lars :: iGeneration
  4. Rocket Propelled Geeks :: The Gathering
  5. MegaRan :: Grow Up
  6. Pixelh8 :: Super Fantatstic Turbo Magical 2 Player Love Game Adventure Called Happiness
  7. I Fight Dragons :: The Faster The Treadmill
  8. Bucket Of Nails :: Bucket Of Nails
  9. Random Encounter :: Happy Happy Joy Joy
  10. Devo Spice :: Pillagers (Live)
  11. MC Frontalot :: Nerdcore Rising (Live)
  12. Rozen :: Dark Lord Ganondorf


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