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Derpy Show :: Episode 300

Posted by boR on December 6, 2017

Celebrating 300 episodes of Nerdy Show, it’s Derpy Show’s 300th episode spectacular! Wait… that’s not right…

What’s happening here?! The Derpy Show crew has reunited to host this special episode of Nerdy Show. If you replace the entire crew of a show with that of another, is it even the same show anymore? Find out as we answer that question, and learn what DJ Snorlax, Robojoe, Neofaust, and boR have been up to for the past 2+ years.

You probably want to know what else is in the episode… well too bad! You’re just gonna have to stop reading this and listen. Seriously. Let’s just say you’re going to love it. Let’s just say your expectations will not just be met, but exceeded… Neofaust brought portable synthesizers. That’s all you’re getting. Happy 300th episode.

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About boR

boR originally joined the network as one of the main driving forces behind the infamous podcast known as Derpy Show. Now he can be found producing and starring in the network's flagship podcast, Nerdy Show. When he's not podcasting or updating/maintaining, he can usually be found fixing people's computers, playing video games, tuning vehicles for maximum performance / fuel efficiency, or behind an audio mixing console at a convention. Buy his new ebook at

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