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Nerdy Show 297 :: The Orville Vs. Star Trek: Discovery

Posted by NerdyShow on October 11, 2017

The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast unloads on the latest geek news and happenings!

This season of television you’ve got choices when deciding where to boldly go. Option A: Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville; a Galaxy Quest-style, Roddenberry-fueled sci-fi comedy. Option B: Star Trek: Discovery; a darker slice of Trek set in the new movie continuity. Option C: BOTH?!

Join Cap, boR, Trench, and Doug as we weigh the pros and cons of both series. The very fact that we have two high-caliber, space-faring shows at once after such a long time without anything Trek-flavored is hitting us with one heck of a displacement wave! We also review Blade Runner 2049, the long-lost SNES title Star Fox 2, and discuss the confusing news surrounding MegaBots, peculiar home archeology, and more!

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