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Ghostbusters: Resurrection :: Update June 2017 :: Unscheduled Hiatus

Posted by NerdyShow on June 24, 2017

Unfortunate news, Ghostbusters: Resurrection fans. Season 3 has to take and unscheduled mid-season break for circumstances beyond our control.

Doug isn’t just the series Game Master, he also does all the post production and sound design for the series, and it’s super time consuming. The time has come where producing the show and paying the bills are at odds and now Doug is on the hunt for a better day job. New shows are still getting recorded, but all the post production will have to wait while he hunts for better income.

Normally we’d hire on an editor to help, but the timing and cinematic quality of the show are entirely Doug’s baby and without him, the critical plot points, comedic timing, and overall tapestry of what you know and love as Ghostbusters: Resurrection might take a hit. The show will be back in action as soon as humanly possible and Doug will fill you in on a few more details in this short audio update.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us on the forums, Facebook, or Twitter. You can contact Doug directly at, and if you haven’t yet, please consider supporting the series via The Nerdy Show Network Patreon as we work towards our dream goal of hiring Doug for ourselves so nothing will impede Ghostbusters: Resurrection ever again.

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