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Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 108 :: Colossal Waste of Money (Con Month)

Posted by Jon Jonstar on March 2, 2017

Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary every other week!

It’s, once again, that most wonderful time of year!  It’s Con Month!  While this wonderful holiday season doesn’t bear any gifts, you can most certainly find yourself walking away with a metric ton of unnecessary crap.  We’re here to give you our little rundown of what we personally would never buy at conventions, and apparently it’s an all out blood bath that has us at odds with one another at times.  Will we see you at our cons this year?

Join Jonathan, Andrew, Evan, and a spotlight portion with Victoria as they talk about what’s happening in anime and Con Month 2017! PLUS – Horny hot springs, lesbian waifus, and second-hand hentai!

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About Jon Jonstar

Jon is the Co-Creator and Co-Host of Wicked Anime, a video review show and bi-weekly podcast about anime and Japanese Culture! His nerd caliber goes far beyond just anime though, he is a movie fanatic, comic book collector, and real-life professional artist! When he's not editing video or audio, you can most likely find him at conventions, either on a panel or in the dealers room!

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