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Liberty: Critical Research :: Entry 207: Confliction

Posted by Archon Reeve on February 7, 2017

liberty1400 v3Embark on a dangerous expedition into the unknown in Liberty: Critical Research – a serialized sci-fi audio drama! Follow an Atrian team into the Fringe, the lawless sector of a war-torn space colony.

The Atrians, deeply embedded within their new Fringer “family”, continue their hunt for answers and escape… against increasingly mounting odds. With the raid of the Kon facility still fresh in his mind, Sev finds himself in a morally questionable situation; Jalloh, having sent out a message for help, finds another Atrian connection she was not expecting; and Dr. Kovski tails Dismas to a set of executions. His conclusion: he could learn a lot more once all this Punk business is over.

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Written by Kaitlin Statz

Co-Created & Produced by Travis Vengroff


Dr. Martollow Kovski :: Paul Mella
Officer Decima Jalloh :: Lauren French
Officer Severous Ljqvist :: Travis Vengroff
Dismas :: Sean Francis
Skit :: Caitlin Buckley
Boom :: Christy Luse
Howell :: Robert Pittsley
Cairn :: Justina Madrigal
Wobe :: Holly Golding
Punk 1 :: Steve Schneider
Punk 2 & Kon 2 :: Eyþór Viðarsson
Psycho Punk :: Daniel Demerin
Punk 3 :: Andrew Spittal
Kon 1 :: Kaitlin Statz
Punk 4 :: Nichole Fernandez

“Critical Research Theme” written by Travis Vengroff, arranged and produced by Steven Melin

Liberty Soundtrack now available on Bandcamp!

Mixing by Brandon Strader

Liberty is sponsored by Klipsch

Special Thanks to:

Our Patreon backers!  |  Klipsch  |  Dayn Leonardson  |   Adam Cartwright  |  Cap Blackard

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Liberty is a Trademark of Travis Vengroff. For more information about the Liberty universe please follow us on facebook or email to May the Archon watch over you!

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