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Liberty: How to Make an Audio Drama Podcast

Posted by Archon Reeve on January 10, 2017


special-presentationNormally we’d be inviting you to embark on a dangerous expedition into the unknown in Liberty – a serialized sci-fi audio drama – but in this very special episode, we’re keeping things on Earth and going behind the scenes!

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating your favorite audio drama series like Liberty: Critical Research, Night Vale, Tanis, or even our RPG series over at Nerdy Show Theatre? Maybe you’ve even wondered what it would take to make your own? Join the creators of Liberty as we take you through the creative process!

In this special episode we cover everything from idea to upload including: recording, acting, creating sound effects and promoting your creation.

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  • 1:52 – Why Audio Drama?
  • 5:32 – Who are we?
  • 6:40 – Writing to Your Strengths
  • 10:05 – Writing an Audio Drama
  • 15:30 – Casting Voices and More About Writing
  • 26:45 – Gear That’s Helpful
  • 30:47 – Recording Your Actors
  • 37:27 – Voice Acting Interview with Paul Mella (Dr. Kovski)
  • 49:24 – Sound Effects and Ambience
  • 55:36 – Editing
  • 56:50 – Mixing/Mastering Interview with Brandon Strader (Sound Engineer)
  • 1:08:32 – Uploading & Consistency
  • 01:11:24 – Promotion
  • 01:16:02 – Most Importantly…
  • 01:17:38 – Q/A
  • 01:23:13 – Podcast Recommendations




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Editing by Travis Vengroff
Mixing by Brandon Strader


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Liberty is a Trademark of Travis Vengroff. For more information about the Liberty universe please follow us on facebook or email to May the Archon watch over you!

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