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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 48 :: The Court of Leslie Hendrix

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on October 27, 2016

piecast reduxIt’s EPIC PIEcast! Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord as they dust off every corner of pop culture for discussion, debate, and deconstruction with all the snark and witty banter that they can muster.

This month Schaffer geeks out over Marvel’s Luke Cage and Alex Trebek’s insult to nerdcore hip-hop while Lugo suffers an unfamiliar artistic crisis. Later, actor Leslie Hendrix (Gotham, Law & Order) drops by to dish on her role as a Batman villain and her 19-year “part-time job” as a television medical examiner. Does Schaffer sleep on all of his collaborations? Is Lugo a music video producer now? Did fate land Hendrix her gig as the face of a shadowy cabal? We could answer these questions, but instead we suggest you just listen to this month’s episode.

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