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Nerdy Show 267 :: Poké Stuff & Mallow Fluff

Posted by NerdyShow on July 13, 2016

ep267The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast unloads on the latest geek news and happenings!

At long last, our Augmented Reality prophecy has come true! After years of speculation on what the AR future could hold, the unprecedented power of Pokémon has thrown society headlong into virtual monster madness. With Pokémon GO, throngs of nerds and normies alike are meandering through the streets at all hours; disturbing the peace, connecting with total strangers, and even discovering bodies.

Join Cap, boR, Jess, and Brandon and we enter this bold, new world. We share tales of our Pokémon GO exploits, gripes with the game, and all the amazing and strange ways that the entire planet has been reacting to this virtual invasion. But that’s not all – we also indulge in a crazy snack we dreamed up on this very show, brought to life: Ecto Cooler Twinkies! Plus, more substantive video game experiences, awesome cartoons, and our apprehension for the new Ghostbusters.

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