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Bad Storytellers :: Episode 23 :: The Great Gig in the Sky

Posted by LaForge on July 27, 2016

bad storytellersBad Storytellers is a podcast about writing and things that are written. Join four friends on the road to becoming professional writers as they unleash new stories on-air, criticize each others’ work, discuss pop culture influences, and conceive on-the-spot trailers for imaginary films.

In this episode, the gang discusses the funniest films ever made, other podcasts, and what to burn when we die. Josh brings in one of his banked short film drafts, Maxx writes an introduction for an efficient criminal, and Liam writes about a girl and a burned-down house. Afterwards, we discuss diction and clarity, and our trailer ends up being a movie that will never be made, but that everyone secretly wants.

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