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Bad Storytellers :: Episode 22 :: The Windy World

Posted by LaForge on July 12, 2016

bad storytellersBad Storytellers is a podcast about writing and things that are written. Join four friends on the road to becoming professional writers as they unleash new stories on-air, criticize each others’ work, discuss pop culture influences, and conceive on-the-spot trailers for imaginary films.

In honor of the launch of our new sister podcast, RPG From Scratch, instead of a trailer, we roll the genre dice and create a new roleplaying setting for you all to use at your leisure. Additionally, Liam and Maxx have very unique writing submissions, and we give a shout out to another friend who is in Hollywood films. Also, we discuss the merits of Coke vs Pepsi, and whether or not we should have a moratorium on discussing Deep Space Nine and Jurassic World. Enjoy!

This episode’s writing submissions:



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